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Tracy Flanagan

  • 789 Hamilton Pkwy, Novato, CA 94949, USA
  • Studio I

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MarinMOCA and Novato Art Center Campus

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Studio I

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I dye and ecoprint cloth and paper using ecologically sustainable local leaves, flowers, and pigments. These techniques transfer brilliant and unexpected plant colors and images to repurposed and redesigned cloth. As a textile artist, writer, and physician, I believe that hand marked fabric and cloth is ‘everyday art’ that can wrap and heal the body and spirit. Throughout my life I have rebirthed cloth with thread, color, and design, as quilts, garments, and fabric collage. With these explorations, I am stitching a connection between the bountiful land of our SF Bay area and the everyday artful living of our families and community.

Generations of hands touch thread and cloth, to create a piece of cloth. Honoring these history laden cloths, I upcycle discarded fabrics for rebirth and reuse telling a new story of connection between place, fiber, and family.  Using natural dye products extracted from the earth and plants, I breathe new life into these designed cloths, transforming them into beautiful articles to be touched, worn, and gazed upon by their owners. This manipulation of cloth mirrors the work of life– to honor what has come before yet continuously reinvent ourselves anew.



Irit Dulman- Monochromatic printing; The Full Palette

India Flint- School of Nomad arts- eucalyptographia, in place, wanderpants

Caroline Nixon- Ecoprint with natural Dyes

Lisa Binkley- In the Boro Spirit

Charlotte Kwon at Maiwa- Guide to Natural Dyes

Carole Beadle- College of Marin- Fiber Sculpture

Vicki Assegued- Mixed media weaving

Nicola Brown- Ecoprinting in dirty pot with iron

Retired physician


shows and galleries


O’Hanlon- Red 2022, Wabi Sabi 2022

Surface Design Association- Traditions Evolve 2022

MarinMOCA -Altered Worlds- 2022

Bioneers- 2022

Fiber Arts International XI- 2023




Surface design

MarinMOCA artists

Fiberart now

Textile arts council

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Mixed Media, Fiber, Clothing

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Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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