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Tom Zizzo

  • 302 Dawn Ct, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

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Currently, my works are both abstract and representational. Color always takes center stage in my paintings, and the natural world is an important source of inspiration.


I started painting many decades ago, but the demands of business and family kept my brush quiet. Recent studies with Chester Arnold and others have reignited my passion, and I am able to spend many hours with paint and canvas.


My early formal education and training as a microbiologist helped develop a fine visual discrimination know-how. In later years my printing and graphic arts company tuned my eyes to design and color relationships. I have found this unique set of skills invaluable in developing my fine arts process.



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Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor, Digital Art, Photography, Mixed Media

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Group Exhibitions

O’Hanlon Center For the Arts, Juried Shows: 2019 Fresh from the Studio, 2020 Winter White, 2021 A Moment of Reflection, 2021 Local Inspiration,

Gualala Arts Center: Art in the Redwoods, 2019, 2020






Judges Award, Art in the Redwoods – Gualala Arts, August 2021, “Woman With Tie and Cigarette”


Marin Independent Journal, December 30, 2021. See front of Lifestyles section: “How to see Marin art in person and online.”



University of California, Berkeley, B.S. Conservation of Natural Resources


College of Marin, Art classes with Chester Arnold and others

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