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Tina Fossella

  • 238 Cardinal Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

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My practice is to create beautiful and functional forms that express my intimate and personal reverence of the Goddess; vessels to serve food and drink (celebrate life!), vases honoring the feminine form, my own body, and its incredible capacity to heal and renew herself. Through my pottery, I hope to celebrate the sacredness, resiliency, and beauty of life and encourage peoples enjoyment of it, and engagement with it, for eating, drinking, being together, loving each other, and most especially loving the earth, her beauty, and all that she gives for humanity.


DO WHATEVER IT IS THAT MAKES YOU FEEL THE MOST MINDFUL AND JOYFUL! I have been practicing the traditional forms of Buddhist meditation and yoga for over twenty years. During that time, I realized that everything in my life had become my spiritual practice; work, relationships, art, music, dance, as well as time sitting on my meditation cushion. My most recent exploration of “meditation in action” has been while sitting at the potters wheel.  

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Tina Fossella Pottery

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