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Terri Froelich

  • 480 Gate 5 Road, Studio 335, Sausalito CA, 94965
  • #335 (3rd Floor)

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Industrial Center Building

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#335 (3rd Floor)

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My work is molded by an awareness of my surroundings. I enjoy discovering and then replicating rustic details. My challenge is to reconcile diverse and sometimes conflicting experiences into a balanced piece of art that exposes strong personal meaning.
Gallery Representation – click on each to view work:
 Julie Nester Gallery, Park City, UT
Slate Contemporary Gallery, Oakland, CA

Kennedy Contemporary, Newport Beach, CA
Gallery North, Carmel, CA
Sloan Miyasato Fine Art, San Francisco, CA


For my biography and additional artwork, please click HERE to visit my website:

To see the inspiration for my work, photography and additional art, click HERE to visit my Instagram:

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Acrylic Paint, Photography

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Open April 29 - May 14
Fundraiser April 29, 6-8pm
May 6-7 & 13-14

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