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Teddie Hathaway

  • 30 Kappas Marina East Pier, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA

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Without a background in formal art training, I used the early years of my foray into glass art for experimenting and finding my voice. Nearly a decade ago I decided to work primarily with old window glass – one of the least recycled materials. In addition to providing me with a blank canvas, it connects with my artistic narrative that beyond appreciating our common environment, we all share responsibility for it.

I primarily portray water and air – the essence of life.

To achieve the soft color balance you see in my somewhat abstract work I enamel, kiln cast, and sandblast each piece, sometimes several times. Although I have an image in mind when I begin, nothing is intended to resemble a photograph, and the work evolves in order to reach for the emotional response I seek from the viewer. Some of my art portrays a single image, and some is more of a collage, some is highly textured, and some is not, but it all remains elusive – you see what speaks to you.


Teddie Hathaway’s formal education resulted in an MBA which led to a career in finance administration with the US Congress.  After retiring from that specifically left brained career she began her right brain training under the likes of Miriam DiFiore, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Michael Janis, Catharine Newell, Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers .. and the list goes on.  She has studied and exhibited in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, California, Washington State, Pennsylvania and internationally in Germany. Teddie specializes in painting and kiln casting float glass and recently added imagery to her work.  She prefers to use recycled components in her pieces because she believes the artwork becomes a reference to our shared environment. The result has been a new career turning glass she sometimes removes from old window frames and at other times collects from demolition sites, into things of beauty that speak of form, rhythm, texture and heft. Before relocating to the San Francisco Bay area she was a studio artist at the Washington Glass Studio in Mt. Rainier, Maryland.  She began teaching there in 2011.  She has also taught  at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts in Tracy,  at the Crucible in Oakland, and at Public Glass and Waldorf High School in San Francisco.  Teddie currently works from her studio on a houseboat in Sausalito.

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