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Artist Statement

I’ve been drawn to creating with my hands since early childhood.  Having explored many different mediums, I have found that weaving provides the perfect balance of structure and freedom.  The canvas starts as blank warp ends threaded on my loom, while the design builds line by line in a slow reveal until the piece is finished.  It’s not until the tapestry is cut from the loom that I see the work in its entirety and it takes on a life of its own.

My designs are intentionally spare, often abstract, and minimalist in style and composition.  Small design details are embedded in the work, allowing the observant viewer to discover them on closer examination.  I enjoy experimenting with materials, compositions, themes and perspectives.

My inspirations range from traditional masks of the Pacific Northwest to the sculptures of Henry Moore.  These artists share an aesthetic that emphasizes form and simplicity by reducing a subject to its essence. The result may be simple, direct, emotional, sometimes fantastical, allowing space for each viewer to bring their own life experience to the piece. I liken my compositional style to music, in some ways similar to jazz rhythms that create balance without symmetry.

Some of my tapestries reflect an inner call for peace, our need for retreat and self-renewal. These works are often inspired by Nature, such as “Let the Sunshine In” and “White Birch at Dawn.”  Other works, in my “Finding Voice” series, comment on the intensifying discord in our world. Recent themes have included such issues as climate change, immigration, racial injustice, the COVID pandemic, increasing political polarization, and the need to create an equitable world for our children.

Weaving attracts me for its simplicity: two opposing sets of threads twining together to create a whole. Working at the loom provides me the opportunity to sit in the stillness of my thoughts, allowing my hands to think.


I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology from Harvard University, taking many studio-art classes alongside my academic studies. Early in my career, I wove one-of-a-kind fabric for my line of women’s clothing which was sold in galleries and boutiques and was regularly featured in the Chicago edition of Women’s Wear Daily. After leaving the field for a couple of decades, in 2011, I returned to weaving, this time with a focus on tapestry. My work has appeared in numerous juried national and international exhibitions in galleries and museums. Additionally, I have been featured in several solo shows in California. Images of my tapestries are included in many catalogs as well as a book of tapestry design and technique.

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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions:

Heallreaf 4: International Exhibition of Woven Tapestries, Sedbergh, Chichester, and Birmingham, ENG. Dates: 5/19/22 –  11/12/22 (dates vary by venue). Artwork: Driving Through Shadows


Tiny But Mighty: Exhibition of small-scale tapestry, Knoxville, TN. Dates: 7/1/22 – 7/29/22.  Artwork: Oh Yeah!


Symphony of the Mountains: juried exhibition by HGA, Knoxville, TN. Dates: 7/15/22 – 7/18/22. Artwork: As Far as the Eye Can See


Marinwood Spring Art Show: pop-up invitational show, San Rafael, CA. Date: 4/23/22. Artwork: The Forest and the Trees


SHIFT: juried exhibition of Tapestry Weavers West; Art Works Downtown, 1337 4th St, San Rafael. Dates: 2/4/22 – 3/19/22. Artworks: Eclipse and Shelter in Place


43rd Annual Contemporary Crafts: Juried exhibition. Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, One East Main St, Mesa, AZ. Dates: 2/1122 – 4/24/22. Artwork: Morning, Noon and Night

2022 Fuller Craft Biennial: Juried exhibition. Fuller Craft Museum, 455 Oak St, Brockton, MA. Dates: 2/19/22 – 6/12/22. Artwork: Barn Door

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