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Suzanne S Riley

  • 81 Camellia Circle, Larkspur CA, 94939

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I feel that I was born an artist. I have made art, studied art and lived art all my life. My eyes are always open and I like to make artwork that makes my audience smile.
I love to learn and through my life I have studied and made watercolors, printmaking, paper creations, ceramics and now one-of-a-kind jewelry art out of a vast array of different materials. From concept to reality my work is about exploration and experimentation.


After a lifetime of creating artwork from painting, clay and sculpture,
paper creations and printmaking, I now love my one-of-a-kind jewelry making. I make jewelry for women, men, and children; necklaces, bracelets, earings; from silver, gold, copper, pearls, glass and ceramic beads to unique artist made items from around the world.

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(415) 302-4414