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Tom Doyle

  • 833 Marin Dr, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

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I submerge found objects, collage elements, and collectibles into resin. My sculptures enshrine these objects in devotion to humanity, spirit, materials, whimsy, and the passage of time. These shrines rely on the unique ability of resin to suspend multiple dimensions in an ethereal time capsule. With this medium I am able to explore the interlacing of the objects’ individual natures in a web of complex multidimensional relations.

The molds I use include silicone forms, but are more often opportune, such as saved to-go food containers and foam packing materials. With these molds I can create small individual pieces which I later combine into larger works.

Within any sculpture, neither the aesthetic or thematic elements are pre-planned. I work spontaneously, operating from a deep curiosity about the interplay of the sunken elements and the material possibilities of the resin.

I am a collector, forever finding and holding on to momentos that spark a sense of wonder, reverence, and mystery. My imagery is sourced from this collection of treasure I have amassed over the course of my lifetime, either in the form of found objects, gifts, or memorabilia.

I appreciate mundane objects and the opportunity to expose them as something beautiful. I’m interested in the act of simply freezing an aging object, transforming something transient by immortalizing it within resin, creating a monument to the ephemeral wonders of life.

The themes of mankind, nature, history, memory, humor, and spirit are constants in my work. I love how each plays off another through their notions and histories. The relationship between these themes are interconnected and complex, and I want to show the beauty of all aspects of these connections.

Medieval iconography plays an especially large role in my works. Icons have a loaded power to them, an ancient history and romanticism both beautiful and sad. My interest in the icons led to the creation of my Sunken Shrine series. I began this project by researching the lives and deaths of Saints, using their stories as a jumping off point for each piece.

The goal of my work is to create an ever-unfolding experience. There is a treasure hunting aspect to my sculptures that I hope will evoke a childlike wonder in the viewer. What may initially captivate will ultimately draw the viewer more deeply into the sculpture. I aim to create an object open to this sort of endless unearthing and discovery, where as time unfolds, the intrigue may grow.


Born and raised in the Midwest, I moved with my family to Southern California as a teen. I migrated north  with a group of friends to Santa Cruz, California where I met and married my wife. We then moved to Davis, then on to San Francisco; finally settling in Mill Valley. We have two children. I have been employed as a line cook and chef for my entire working existence. I have always enjoyed creating art objects, but only recently found my preferred medium when I was gifted some epoxy resin by my daughter, and taught about its use by my brother in law. I feel so grateful to belong to a creative and supportive family. After getting the hang of using this tricky material I have enjoyed exploring a surge of creative ideas.

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Weather permitting, artwork will be displayed outside, behind the house; follow the signage.

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