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Sunila Bajracharya

  • 1337 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA
  • Studio #28

About The Artist

Artist Statement

I love playing with texture and loved earthy surface. I see every tool making their own marks on my work whether its brush stroke, pencil marks, earthy surface clay, rusted metal, and prickly wire. I feel freedom when tools to free flow in my works. I am in process of learning and creating on these tools to play naturally.

As a figurative artist and human form always attracts me. Its infinity, mystery, beauty, connections and its life.

Art helps me listen to my inside voice and nurture my soul and being in the moment. I can meet my unconscious mind when I am in my work zone. It releases conscious or unconsciously of my life experiences likes happy, sorrow, pain, excitements, and fear become new creation. It is like my mediation time. Every time I work with same figurative composition outcome, meaning and expression, different and new challenge. I enjoy every moment of my working, its struggle, excitements and unknown and open space for next steps.

Art Medium(s)

Acrylic Paint, Drawing, Sculpture

Studio Information

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Art Works Downtown

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Studio #28

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(415) 233-1458

Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions

International Art Workshop and Exhibition

2019             International art exchange-art workshop and art exhibition, Shanghai China

2006            “Khulla Dhoka”, Siddhartha Art Gallery, In memory of IBSEN workshop at Residency of             Norwegian Ambassador/ “Loktantra”, Workshop at Kathmandu/ In Memory of  Legendary Artist R.N                       Joshi  workshop at Lalitpur.

2004             “Numanfung,“ Workshop Organized by Numanfung Flim Unit/, 7 days Meditation Art                                                     Workshop at Osho Tapoban

2003               Women Artists Workshop Organized by Nepal Kalakar Samaj

2002                Kala Karyashala organized by Lalit Kala Sangam Biratnagar/ “Kala Upban” workshop  & exhibition organized by Nepal Association of Fine Art (NAFA)

2001                 Women Artists Spot Painting Workshop Organized by Rotary Club of Kathmandu / Field                                              Workshop “Nepal Kalakar Samaj “

2000                Prashanta Smriti Workshop, NAFA, organized by Lion’s Club of Pashupati

1995                 7 Days field work at Pokhera, Nepal and Bangladesh

1993                Collage painting workshop and exhibition, Alliance France

Solo Exhibitions

2014             “Parallel Journeys” Siddhartha Art Gallery, Nepal

2011              “Combination” San Geronimo, West Gallery, “Essentially Female”, Gallery Café Arrivederci,     CA/USA

2010               “Untitled” Art Works Downtown, CA USA

2009               “Wisdom”, Gallery Café Adivederhai, CA/USA

2007                “Mother Nature” Gallery without wall, International Museum of women, SF                                                                           “Wisdom” San Geronimo Valley Gallery, CA/USA                                                                                           2005                “Perception of Time” Lazimpat Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal

2002                 “Anubhuti” Sirjana Contemporary Art Gallery, Nepal

 Two Person Exhibitions                                                                                                                                 

2013             Unframed Freedom, Mine Gallery, CA/USA

2002             Two person Show, J Art gallery, Nepal                                                                                      

2000             Three Person Show, Lazimpat Gallery, Nepal                                                                         

1998              Four Person Show, C.S.I. Galley, Nepal

 Juried Exhibitions   

2023             Marin Wood Invitational show, CA

2021             “Harmony” Juried Exhibition, Artist within Gallery, CA/USA

2019              “Harmony” Juried Exhibition, Artist within Gallery, CA/USA 

2018              “Figure Expression” College of Marin Gallery

2011                Falkirk Annual Juried Show, Falkirk Culture Center, CA/USA

Natural Pallet, Invited Artist only, Marin Art Gallery, CA/USA,

“Go Figure,” Marin Art Gallery CA/USA

2010-2011       Marin County Fine Arts and Crafts National Juried Exhibition, CA/USA

Wearable Art Show 2006 (Living Canvas)
2006 -2008       “The Gallery without Walls”  Kiran Bhawan, Sanepa, Nepal Gale Face Hotel,                                                                               Colombo, Sri Lanka “The Gallery without Walls” – Bhutan                                                               

Selected Group Exhibitions USA and Aboard

2024, 2022,  2016, 2019        Marin Open Studios, CA/USA

2024                Artworks Downtown at Gallery Routh One, Point Rayes, CA

2022                Small Works – Juried show, Art Works Downtown, San Rafael

2020                  Shieno- Being Together, online sculpture and Ceramic group exhibition, Classic Gallery,                                  2020                  Beyond Pandemic –Art Connects People, online exhibition, Classic Gallery, Nepal

2011                  Annual member show, Marin Art Gallery,  CA/USA

2011                  Fairfax Eco Fest, CA                                                                                                                                    2011                  Pine up show, College of Marin,

2011                   Kasthamandap Arts Group Show, Cafe Arora, CA/USA

2008-2011        18th-20th Annual Spring Art show, San Geronimo, CA/USA

2005-2010    7th-12th International Kunstausstellung, modern art & art medicine, Germany

2008                   Kasthamandap Arts Group Show, Belgium

2007                  Reflection & Reality II, Som Arts Culture Center, SF, USA Reflection & Reality III,                                                                                                                                 Gallery twenty Five 25, USA, Open Art Studio-2007, Palo Alto Studio, Palo Alto, USA, Kasthamandap Arts Group Show, Gandhara Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka, “Imagine”Marin Art and Garden Center, USA.

2003                  5th International Art Exhibition Gallery Dikmayer, Berlin, Germany

2002                10th Asia Biennale Bangladesh

Selected Group Exhibitions in Nepal                                                                                                           

2009                 15th Anniversary Kasthmandap Arts group show, Nepal

2006                 Khulla Dhoka, Siddhartha Art Gallery/ Loktantra, Exhibition at NAFA/ In memory of                             “IBSEN” Exhibition, Kathmandu/  Kasthamandap Arts group Show at Chautara Art                                   Gallery, Holland/ Kasthamandap Arts Group Show, The Art Shop, Durbar Marg/                           Kasthamandap Arts Group Show, GTZ Office, Sanepa/  7 Young Artists from                                           Kathmandu, CHAUTARA gallery, Holland/ Anniversary Art Exhibition at Buddha Gallery                                                                                                                                                              2005                Kasthamandap Group Show, Den Blank, Belgium/  Kasthamandap Arts Group Show,                              Colombo, Sri Lanka/ Reflection of Reality, New Delhi, India

2004                Contemporary Women Artists in Nepal at NAFA/ Buddha Gallery/ Kasthamandap Arts                           Group Show at Gallery Moksh,  Kasthamandap Arts Group Show at Lazimpat Gallery

2003-2006     Camlin Art Competition, Organized by Camlin Art Foundation, India

2002                “Children without Art”, Jasutara Art Foundation

2001                 Kasthamandap Arts Group Show at J Art Gallery

1999                  Rangalal Bangdel Smriti Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council

1996 -2005      National Art Exhibition, Nepal Associationof Fine Art

1994                    X-Mas Collection, Srijana Art Gallery/ Group 37 Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council/                                                    Vision 51 Art Exhibition, Fine Art Campus

1993                Relief Disaster, Sirijana Contemporary Art Gallery

1992                 T.U Day Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Campus






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