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Sudha Irwin

  • 1331 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA
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Marin Jewelers Guild at Art Works Downtown

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I have chosen metal arts as my medium of expression for inspirations I derive from the natural world that surrounds my home in Mill Valley, California and from my travels around the world. My work is in silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones and colorful enamels.

I was born and raised in India where I grew up in the countryside in the province of Bihar. Many hours in my day were filled with discovering beauty and design in nature which continues to inspire me and is reflected in my jewelry.


I was born and raised in India and came to the US almost fifty years ago.  After college in India, I joined a four-year art program but dropped out after the first introductory year to pursue a graduate degree in English Literature.  The art school was considered a vocational school, my sister and I were the only female students.  Our father persuaded us to go back to academics, as he didn’t think a vocation in arts was appropriate for women in our family.

Almost twenty-seven years later, here in California, I had the opportunity to enroll in metal arts classes.  This opportunity came in a chance encounter with a local librarian whose metal brooch I admired and inquired how I could learn to make such things.  She sent me a catalog of classes at the Richmond Art Center.  I have been learning ever since.

A couple of years after I started classes at the College of Marin (while continuing classes with Hugh Power at the RAC), our jewelry teacher selected a few students to form a small partnership of jewelers to rent a space at ArtWorks Downtown in San Rafael.  We called our group the Marin Jewelers Guild.  I have been part of the Guild since its inception in 2000.


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415 686 2605

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Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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