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Michael Larson

  • 10 Liberty Ship Way, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA

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My work is about adversity, struggle and growth. It is about discovery leading down the path to self-awareness. My work can be viewed as subconscious icons guided by representation that embody these principles. This isn’t about literal representations, but representations of feelings or concepts. Just as the so-called “dark ages” or post the fall of the Roman Empire saw the artist move away from literal representations to symbolism.

I have a fascination in the archaic concepts and representations of life and struggle such as those presented in mosaics found at Galla Placidia, or post-Byzantine mosaic representations at the Umayyad Grand Mosque. These symbols are a connection for us to the past of the human condition. We share this with the previous generations that have preceded us.

Motion, action and ultimately self-realization are what I seek through my work.


University of Washington, Seattle WA

San Francisco School of Art, SF, CA

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Oil Paint

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University of Washington, Seattle Washington

SF School of Art, SF CA

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