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Michael Larson

  • 10 Liberty Ship Way, studio 236, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA

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This is a re-beginning and rediscovering of my thoughts/ideas. Having grown up with a visually impaired mother, I experienced what resilience looked and felt like. It was layered and complex, but showed me the drive to be seen and heard in a sighted world. And although my mother could never know what my work would look like, I chose art as a means for expression.

In the early days of grunge I wore several hats: manager of Green River, publisher of 4-5-1 and host of a radio show at KCMU. I found self expression in that same desire to be heard during that loud and noisy time. In the late 80’s, I moved to San Francisco for work, to expand upon my art studies and delve deeper into the art world. As I painted and sculpted by night, I worked full-time by day. However, once married and with kids I found it necessary to put my art aside to raise my family.

Life progressed and circumstances changed, I’ve found that resiliency in life has led me back to art and expressing my own resilience.

I love motion, action and expression in my work. Oftentimes drawing upon symbols and the history surrounding them.

Symbols feel understandable and are bridges between cultures and times. I believe there is a collective sense of experience or self across history and culture. This for me is rich for the imagination. The motion and action for me are an expression of the restlessness of my life to be heard.

My style of painting expresses layers of imagery which is reduced and built upon again. There is a struggle to escape the past, yet we are all defined by it.

Layers are reduced and altered and form the foundation of the next layer until the thought is complete.


University of Washington, Seattle WA

San Francisco School of Art, SF, CA

SF Art Institute, SF, CA

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Oil Paint

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Bay #2 lower level

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University of Washington, Seattle Washington

SF School of Art, SF CA

SF Art Institute, SF, CA



Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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