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Marin Society of Artists

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I am a musician, artist and “dreamscape” event producer.

My fine art pieces celebrate the split seconds in nature that arrest you. They are a record in time. If you know me, you know I get blown away by the world. I’ll stop mid-sentence to declare. “Wow, look at the color of this leaf!” or “check out the reflection coming off the asphalt. Cool!”  My paintings are a capture of those magical once-in-a-lifetime moments. They let them to linger longer.

Technically, I blend (or battle) the craftsmanship of traditional oil painting, the thrill of modernist “pushing paint” and the glorious improv of the street-style “rattle can.”  I am obsessed by color and drips and light and form. I find my pieces feel complete when all the elements come to balance.

I hope you enjoy my gifts and invite you to join me in chasing the split seconds in life that make you look twice.


Originally from Chicago, I have lived nearly equal parts in Chicago, New York and San Francisco Bay Area.

I have had the blessing of studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, F.I.T. in NYC, Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Rome, Sorbonne in Paris and at Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. I graduated with a BA from DePauw University studying under the master painter Robert Kingsley.

Post-grad with two suitcases and two guitars, I headed to the Big Apple in search of the great adventure at “the Center of the Universe.” Wide-eyed and in love of everything I was lucky to meet some really inspiring people who propelled me to deconstruct and reconstruct who I am.  I did a stint assisting the wildly inspiring and feminist pioneer artist Mary Beth Edelson. I fell head over heels for fashion working in PR at Ralph Lauren. I played the ad game at Ogilvy&Mather assisting creative genius 1-800-#-innovator Bill Hamilton. At night, I painted, worked as a bar back in the East Village and started a rock band. One day an Ad Executive I was told, “Corporate America will always be here, FOLLOW your dream.”  I was. I did. I am.

In the heart of NYC’s L.E.S., I found my tribe. I played shows at local clubs like the Continental, CBGBs, Arlene’s Grocery. I worked at Loho Studios as Project Manager restoring the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio (RSM). My universe became a tight knit of creative hipsters running around south of Houston Street.  Eventually my band  hit the road and I was off to discover America (and some other lands across the pond) up-close and personal. For a few years, we played non-stop tours, (e.g. 2 shows a day, 300+shows a year, 23 countries in 30 days) from Vancouver to Croatia. Getting to know every rock club, gas station and coffee stop and meeting the people across our vast country is by far one of the coolest experiences ever! “We the people” are pretty awesome and the landscape ain’t too shabby either.  Stopping occasionally to record, some magical moments are published on labels including pop artist Frank Kozik’s Man’s Ruin, UK’s Small Stone Records, Mudflap Records NYC, and High Times Magazine Records. Music | BOTTOM (

Currently I call San Rafael home. I make art, I make music and love my family. In the mornings I chat with my bff while walking my dog Zeke. I’m constantly blown away by the California landscape and beaches. I dig boxing and my heart goes kerpow at the mention of Chicago-style deep dish pizza.  If you’d like to check out more of my art, music or live event work, visit:

** Much LOVE and gratitude to my mom and dad for telling me “you can do anything if you dream it put AND set your mind to it”.

*** Much love and THANKS to my family and besties (you know who you are) for always being there. You bring me joy and strength to keep on dreaming and chase all the amazing moments!

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Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Drawing, Digital Art, Photography, Furniture

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Marin Society of Artist Gallery – 1515 3rd Street, San Rafael.

Both MOS weekends, May 4-5 and May 11-12.

I’d be delighted if you popped by and said hello.

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Summer 2012: San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art Artists Gallery  – Sin and Redemption · SFMOMA  “Temple” audio and sound installation.

July 28th, 2012 – ARENA 1 Gallery in Santa Monica, CA   Mouse Ward The Amitriptyline Experiment – Mouse Ward: The Amitriptyline Experiment is a mixed media cinema & art exhibit that tells the story of Mouse Kaminski, a teenager en route to a 72-hour psychiatric hold.  A dually narrative and sensory experience, Mouse Ward features video & audio installations, typography, works on paper, photography, performance, digital, edible, and comic art. Mouse Ward sound score by Sina from BOTTOM. Video art exhibition organized by Malika Ali Harding 




Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Il

Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Rome Italy

DePauw University, Greencastle, IN


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Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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