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Shiva Pakdel

  • 600 Palm Drive, Novato CA, 94949

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My work is inspired by Persian art. It celebrates and showcases the distinctive art and imagery of Iran from the past and present. I use digital techniques to share a new narrative that tells anecdotal stories through inspirations from Persian art and imagery.


I grew up in Abadan, Iran during the 60s. Abadan was one of the most liberal cities in Iran which offered a modern western lifestyle in a land of history and tradition. This exposure to both east and west and growing up with an artistic mother, provided me with great appreciation and enjoyment for the art, culture, history, and poetry of Iran, as well as the art and culture of the West.

I’m an artist, artist advocate, art curator, and collector, with many years of marketing and advertising experience.


I currently serve on the board of Marin MOCA, served on the board of Marin Open Studios, I’m a member of the Auxiliary of the Fine Art Museum of San Francisco, and work as an artist.

Art Medium(s)

Digital Art

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Courtyard at Unity in Marin

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(415) 810-6089

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