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Sharon Paster

  • 480 Gate 5 Road, Studio 300, Sausalito CA, 94965
  • Studio 300

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I create semi-abstract images from the Marin landscape, the Bay, the beach and its people. Using oil pigment sticks almost exclusively, I simultaneously draw and mix paint directly on the canvas, giving me the chance to dive right in, examining the relationships and movement between colors, shapes and forms.ƒ My Sausalito studio is located in the ICB with an incredible Iview of the water and sky. I’ve been exhibiting my work nationally for many years, and was selected for San Francisco’s De Young Open in 2020.


I’ve been exhibiting in Northern California since 2002, participating in numerous group and solo shows–including the San Francisco De Young Museum Open, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and Sonoma Valley Museum of Art. My work has been seen in House Beautiful, the Serena & Lily Catalog, Luxe Magazine, as well as Marin Magazine and San Francisco Magazine. I sit on the ICB Art Association’s Board of Directors and am represented by a number of galleries in the Bay Area as well as Boston, Atlanta, Tampa, and the Palm Beach area.

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Oil Paint, Mixed Media

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Industrial Center Building

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Studio 300

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Artist Closeup (International) is the most recent publication, along with Studio Visit Magazine.


De Young Museum, Bay Area Open 2020


Sharon Paster Art: Thoughts on Painting

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Paster layers oil colors, plays with space, and contrasts the solid with the ephemeral--the fixed with the fluid--to focus our attention on the forces of nature at work.

Studio Shop Gallery, Burlingame, CA

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