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I was born and raised in Berkeley, CA. My education took place in Berkeley through U.C. Berkeley and other Bay Area institutions of higher learning.
I came to art in 2002 after retiring from a long career in corporate life, and coincidentally, adjunct teaching in higher education. The passion I have discovered for art, and the fulfillment of creating something beautiful, lasting, and meaningful far exceeds anything I have experienced previously. My art is not political, nor is it intended to effect social change through messages, but rather is intended to make people smile and feel good —– to know that there is great beauty on this planet.
After trying several genres over the first three years of my artistic explorations, I finally settled on oil painting —– that’s what I have become —– an oil painter. I do landscape and maritime paintings, mostly —– while I do medium and large studio paintings, I also love plein air painting —– to paint outdoors, painting on scene, is a very wonderful, inspiring experience (except perhaps when it is cold, windy, and/or raining).
The thought of leaving lasting works of beauty for future generations is also very fulfilling to me —– a legacy, if you will —– a way of giving back the joy that?ÿI have experienced.?ÿ

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Oil Paint

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(415) 305-7662


Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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