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Lynn Wood

  • 3 Lowell Avenue, San Rafael CA, 94901

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Texture is a primary concern as I design and crafts tableware and vases
at my studio in California. My work is notable for the variety of
applied surfaces, taking inspiration from nature, textiles and
architecture. This focus over more than 25 years as a potter me to
develop/ market a line of texture stamps for potters/artists and take on
the moniker pottery texture queen.


Clay has long been a joy in my life. This passion continued into college where, although an education major, I spent a tremendous amount of time in the clay studio. While teaching school,
I pursued clay more seriously, taking professional level workshops and classes. At that time, I started teaching ceramics, also.

At age 40, I made the transition to full time potter. I never looked back .Clay has been my best teacher,
The appeal of clay has sustained: it responds so readily to the touch, directing and challenging me to continue exploring. For me this meditative process allows ideas to develop and allows clay itself to have a voice in my work.

I am an exhibiting member of ACGA. I taught pottery for 28 years at the Sharon Art Studio in SF. I sell my work at variety of craft fairs including the ACC shows.

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Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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