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Pamela Kogen

  • 480 Gate Five Road, Studio 306A, Sausalito CA, 94965

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I have moved between careers in fine art to fashionƒ??as a wardrobe and prop stylist for the advertising and editorial media, to illustrationƒ??drawing for books editorials advertising and products, and back to fine art. The contrast between these visually informed and philosophically different fields challenged and helped educate my eye. Perhaps a carry over from my days as a stylist: handling collecting packing unpacking and repacking garments for photo shoots, textiles became a consistent element in my art making. Initially clothing was a formalistic vehicleƒ??I was interested in the stories the iconic shapes told. Later I became interested in the basic simplicity, ubiquity and utility of textile in our lives and made work out of discarded fabric that had a history of wear, or imbedded fabric in paintings and drawings for its textural qualities. For some time I have spent several months a year living on our boat. Looking up at the powerful expanse of sail capturing the wind, itsƒ?? shape silhouetted against the sky, my appreciation for textiles has only deepened.
During periods of time ƒ??onboardƒ?, sheltering in a shifting place, the awareness of the moment is often important and always palpable. There is a constant watch on the weather, feeling for the wind, taking note of the tides and always a marveling at the changes in light and the movement of the heavens. Everything is interdependent. Back on land, I am humbly aware of my place in the natural world and am grateful for the influence of all these elements on my ever evolving work.

Born on the east coast, I currently live in San Francisco and work from a Studio in the historic ICB (Industrial Center Building) in the Marinship section of Sausalito, CA.


BFA painting, Parsons School of Design (NYC)
ICBAA, member since 2017
Leo Marchutz School (Aix-en-Provence)

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Industrial Center Building

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(914) 582-7231