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Paula Valenzuela

  • 480 Gate 5 Road , Studio 300A, Sausalito CA, 94965
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My work explores the connection of darkness and light within us, the complexity of layers that we show to others and to ourselves and the interconnection of conscious and unconscious aspects in our lives.

I am interested in the cycles of the human experience, specially the internal and spiritual transformations between the birthing and dying processes.

My inspiration comes from by the textures and colors found in nature, especially the desert, the skies and the collective symbols used by ancient cultures. The combination of natural and mineral colors result in archetypical images seem directly related to patterns found throughout the natural world.

Using a combination of paint, collage, and different mixed media materials, I build the beginning stage of my images.  Many layers later, the paintings contain a variety of marks, some made by scratching and repainting the surface, and some made by drawing specific interconnected shapes, bringing the hidden history to the surface.

Textures, color, and organic forms are layered into a complex visual weave that hints at the underlying feelings and complexity of our lives.

I am interested on exploring that space in between reality and daydreaming, where the unconscious aspects of our inner world can become to the surface, making visible what was invisible before.


Hi, I am Paula Valenzuela, a mixed media abstract painter at the ICB in Sausalito, CA. Originally from Chile, I moved to the Bay Area eight years years ago with my family. I was trained as a psychotherapist and for many years worked with women and young families as they went through life transitions like pregnancy and parenthood.   After moving to the Bay Area, I went back to my creative practice and started studying with local artists and painting again. I work on mixed media on canvas and panels, using acrylics, different mediums, crayons and pigments. I work through several paintings at once, using tools to add and remove the layers of paintings that enrich the textures and leave a memory of the process. Most of the works in this gallery are part of my ongoing series “Constellations”. The series refer to that state of wondering , to discover by looking behind the layers, what is visible at first sight and what need to be discovered more closely. Looking at the sky is opening to the unknown, to look how we are connected to the Universe and that time and and space is relative. I invite you to look at my work and enjoy! Contact me if you would like to know more about my process, work or just for fun. You can follow me on: Instagram: @paulavalenzuelaart Facebook: Paula Valenzuela Art Pinterest: Paula Valenzuela Art

Art Medium(s)

Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media

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Industrial Center Building

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(510) 604-8797

Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions


2022              “The Space in Between”, online solo exhibit at Visionary Art Collective.

2021           “Small Works Exhibition”, Arts Works Downtown, San Rafael.

Juror: Jack Fischer

2021          “ Fresh Art 2021”online exhibition, Marin Society of Artists.

Juror:  Brian Gross

2021           “Inspirational Art in Mixed Media”, The Healing Power of Art and

Artists,  Manhattan Arts, NY.  Juror: Renee Phillips.

2021            “Metamorphosis: the Art of Transformation”, Visionary Art Collective

online exhibition. Juror: Sergio Gomez

2021              “Local Inspiration, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley.  Juror: Natasha Boas

2021               “SHIFT”,  Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery, Lafayette, CA.  Juror: Jennifer Perlmutter

2021              “Imaginary Travel”, Artist Alliance by Jen Tough Gallery.  Juror: John Yoyogi Fortes

2021               “Inspired by… Artists Celebrate their favorite artists”,  Village Theatre and Art Gallery, Danville.

Juror: Jennifer Perlmutter.

2021               80th Crocker Kingsley Annual Competition, Blue Line Arts, CA.   Juror:  Carrie Lederer

2020             “Fresh Paint, Ruby Living Design, Mill Valley, CA. Curator: Sally Cote.

2020               “Golden Hour”, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, CA.  Juror: Kim Eagles-Smith

2020               “Natural Worlds”,  Artist Alliance by Jen Tough Gallery.    Juror: Michael Shemchuk.

2020              2020 Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition, Sanchez Art Center, CA.     Juror: Carin Adams

2019               “Microcosmos 2”, Gallery 621, Benicia, CA. Juror: Chester Arnold

2019               “Bridge to Abstraction” Marin Open Studios Juried Exhibition, Arc Gallery, SF.

Juror: Stephen Wagner

2019               “Wabi-Sabi”, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA . Juror: Phyllis Thelen

2019               “Bay Area Women Artists”, O’Hanlon Center for the Arts, Mill Valley, CA Jurors: Donna Seager and

Suzanne Gray.


2019               “New Currencies”, Jen Perlmutter Gallery JPG@The Bank, Lafayette, CA

2019               “3rd Annual Big Art Show”, Piedmont Center for the Arts, Piedmont, CA


2019              Artspan Program exhibit at Ritual Coffee Roastery, San Francisco, CA


2019               “Snap!”,  Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2019               “Blackout: Annual National Exhibition”, Ashton Gallery, San Diego, CA.

Juror Daniel Foster


2018               ART2LIFE Academy Juried International Art Exhibition Juror: Donna Seager


2018             StARTup Fair Small Works, San Francisco, CA


2018                 “5th Annual Mark Exhibition”, Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, Portland, OR


2018                 “2nd Annual Big Art Show”, Piedmont Center for the Arts, Piedmont, CA


2017               “50/50 Show”, Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA


2017             “Fall Open Juried Art Exhibition”, Falkirk Galleries , San Rafael, CA


2017             “Boundaries and Balance Exhibition”, ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA


2017             “Selections 2017 Exhibition and the ArtSpan Gala”, Heron Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2017             “Juried Small Works Show”, Upstream Gallery, Hastings On Hudson, NY


2016             “Hotel Adagio ArtSpan Exhibition”,  San Francisco, CA





2018 -2019                  Creative Visionary Path Program by Bay Area artist Nicholas Wilton


2005-2006                  University de California, Berkeley, CA

                                  Master of Science degree in Public Health


1997 – 2001                Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile

                                Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology 


1995 – 1996                Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile

Bachelors of Science degree in Social studies and Humanities. Studies in Design and Art



How I became an artist

Case study about my story on how I became an artist. Made by Nicholas Wilton and Art2life. (4 minutes)

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I explore the connection of darkness and light within us…

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