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Nancie Jordan

  • 480 Gate Five Road, Studio 304, Sausalito CAlifornia, 94965
  • 282A

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Industrial Center Building

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I am fascinated by light, the path of light and how light interacts and reflects colors on sky and water.  I love being in nature and creating images from favorite places and favorite animals. The act of painting for me is a meditation and a colorful dance. I am more interested in conveying the energy of a place or an object than in creating a photo image.


Since I was a young girl I have always created Art. I was born in the midwest and moved to the East Coast for college. In college I was also interested in understanding human behavior so I got my Masters degree in Art Therapy. Working as an Art Therapist helped me to see the healing aspects of helping others to express themselves through creating images. Time passed, I took various art classes while I had and raised four children. I got another degree and became a Marriage and Family Therapist.  As I got older I realized I needed more balance in my life and realized the joy it brought me to translate the light and color of the places, animals and things I love into images. So here I am as an older artist, but sort of a late in life beginner.  I finally outgrew my living room as a studio so I got a studio at the ICB building in Sausalito, a longtime dream come true.  Please come visit me in my studio, or check out my website at or instagram

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Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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