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Harvey Abernathey

  • 1515 3rd St, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA

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 – Harvey Abernathey; Photographer

The art of seeing in photography is not just about photographing, as I don’t necessarily capture what I see, but what I feel.  It starts with understanding the light of a subject, and then let nature come through in capturing my experiences.

As I move through the process of exploring the landscape or area of interest, I like to clear my mind of other thoughts, sounds and disruptive things.  I enjoy the sensory input from those still surroundings, looking for the moment of when it speaks to me with the emotion of what first captured my attention.  At that juncture, I may take the camera out and further explore the moment, as it relates to my own experiences and history, which is what makes it unique for me.

Each image I present will have a story of the emotion and experience of how I arrived at its presentation.  Feel free to pause and explore your own emotions and interpretations.

For Marin Open Studios 2023, I will be showing my work, along with other artists, at the Marin Society of Artists during the weekends of May 6th & 7th and May 13th & 14th.  MSA is located at 1515 3rd St. San Rafael, CA.

You may also find further work at my main website Night & Day Photos, along with current imagery at my Flickr Sharing Site.


Harvey is a fine art photographer sharing his life’s experiences through capturing moments of time, sharing those moments with others, allowing them to take their own journey when viewing his images. He especially enjoys capturing the “Magic of the Night”, exploring the subtleties of light by taking long exposures…creating images beyond the visual perception of the eye. The studio for Harvey’s  “Night & Day Photos” is located in Novato, CA, where he spends his time producing the images to share, including education in capturing images after dark.

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Marin Society of Artists

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Sharing space with a number of MOS Artists

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"Art of Seeing"

Harvey Abernathey


Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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