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Melissa Parhm | Artist Statement


Upturned Roots, Silverpoint on Prepared Panels, 2018-2019


Upturned Roots is inspired by a tree in Glen Ellen – Kenwood I’ve been drawn to – especially the roots. After the 2017 fires, I searched and found it still intact. I saw the world in the tree, the concept of pareidolia.


I begin by preparing the panels in order to create a foundation for the silver. Building up many layers of luminous ground enables the interplay of light with the silver, creating a three-dimensional effect. The sun’s rays shifting on the panel’s surface results in an image that is ever-changing. New forms emerge and dissolve, like the forms I see in this tree’s roots.


Drawing with silver is sustainable and connects me to the lineage of artists I’m influenced by who worked in silverpoint in the ages before graphite was discovered and mined. Today as I am writing this, the fires are again raging in Napa. Again, I go into my studio, the elements, in order to honor them. They are all we have; they are the matter we are made of.




Melissa Parhm | About the Artist


Classically trained in the United States and Europe, Melissa enjoys experimentation and seeks to forge connections between classical and contemporary approaches to art-making.

As an active member of the art community, she exhibits her work including the de Young Museum, The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and The Sebastopol Center for the Arts.   She teaches art at The New Village School and art centers in the Bay Area.  You may find her offering a community event through Once Around at the Mill Valley Lumber Yard at the Maker’s Mart.

Melissa’s body of work is filled with a devotional reverence for nature with a special emphasis on studying the effects of light.

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Oil Paint, Watercolor, Drawing, Prints and Printmaking, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Fiber

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211 A Miller Ave

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Please enter at the front door, or if open, come on into the garage studio

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