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Michael Morrissey

  • 100 Bryan Dr, Novato, CA 94945, USA

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Through the lens of a camera my attention is focused on what is often overlooked, underappreciated, and fragile in our rapidly changing contemporary world.

Whether the many unique expressions of the human spirit in different cultural milieu, the sublime awe of pristine majestic landscapes, the remains of past human civilization found in ancient monumental architecture, or the remaining vestiges of nature and wildlife, I hope to document what I feel is worth preserving for future generations.


Michael Morrissey started his photographic career initially as a landscape architect who gave innovative photographic presentations of potential park proposals. Serendipitously thereafter he documented his travels and lectured on his adventures starting with a photographic lecture series of Paris in the early 1970’s.

From there he traveled with his camera from Paris to Kathmandu as the driver of the Magic Bus, an experience that reinforced his desire to travel and his willingness to take risks, and document what he experienced.

Since then, he traveled to every continent of the world creating a body of work capturing awe inspiring images of the people and cultures in over 110 countries of nature and sublime landscape photography. Morrissey’s photography has been exhibited in California, New York and Bangkok. He established permanent residency in Marin County in 2008.

True to his beginnings, with every photograph there is a story and Michael is a great storyteller. Spirit House Productions published his works including Facing the World – Egypt, The Siege of Heptanese, Facing the World – Greenland, Nostalgic Rides, Peru – Along the Sacred Valley, Carnaval 2010! San Francisco, Slanted Doors and Facing the World: Kaleidoscope.

Spirit House Productions produces an ongoing Artist Sketches biographic series which has been featured in the SFBAY area including Elmer Bischoff, at the MOCA. Other artists featured in this series include M. Louise Stanley, Marty Knapp, Kathleen Lack and Jeff Downing, to name a few.


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100 Byran Dr is next after 19 Bryan Dr, continue up the hill. It's the next driveway on the left. There's a turn around at the top opposite the boat.

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415 999-2767

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Siam Society One Man Show, Bangkok, Thialand

Marin MOCA, Balance


Facing the World – Egypt

The Siege of Heptanese

Facing the World – Iceland

Facing the World: Kaledoscope

Carnaval 2010! San Francisco

Slanted Door



Master in Landscape Architecture, UC Berkeley 1972


BS, SUNY at Buffalo, New York 1970


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