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Minouche Graglia

  • 2398 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94930, USA

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Fairfax Community Church

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“I do not choose the painting, the painting chooses me”

– Minouche


I paint messages from the spiritual world. These messages communicate peace, unity and sacredness. I paint with earth pigments, gold leaf, gemstone powder, non-toxic binder, and acrylic on large canvases. I pray and chant while I weave sacred symbols into portraits of people and nature.


I find purpose in painting to remind humanity of its interconnectedness with all of existence, in hopes that the viewer’s heart will open up to greater love and respect for themselves and all forms of life.


I develop an art of soulbound communication using colors and shapes. Whether I render a spiritually guided message or channel a soul-portrait for individuals, my intention is to serve the highest good there is: painting as healing and awakening art.


Born in Southern France in 1957, Minouche has been deeply influenced by the beauty of Mediterranean style, frescoes, and churches. Her life was bonded with nature early on and Minouche developed a genuine love for the earth, and for all forms of life.   At age 10, Minouche experienced health challenges that connected her to the healing source that guides her everyday practice. This was the beginning of her path as a healer.   In 1993, she received a diploma from the International School of Frescoes, in Venice, Italy. For two decades Minouche worked in Europe creating murals and frescoes of all kinds.   In 1998, Minouche made Marin County her home and for nearly a decade she committed her painting skills to empower children of all ages to express their creativity in local art classes.   In 2002, a voice in her head clearly said to her, “you are going blind”. This message led her to an early diagnosis and successful surgery, saving her sight from glaucoma. The uncertainty of her losing the ability to paint has propelled Minouche forward and allowed her to develop an even deeper passion and resonance with her paintings.   In 2004 Minouche received a message from the spiritual world, it said: “It’s time to paint the Peace-Makers”. She dedicated six months of her life to rendering a 5’x8’ mural using earth pigments on canvas, titled “Peace Makers, The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Council”. Through this journey she blossomed into an artist of visionary painting and soul portrait as healing and awakening art.   Minouche Graglia’s art is featured at Fairfax Community Church in Fairfax, CA   “Minouche’s visionary paintings are far more than just visual art – they are living portals that guide all who come to the space on a path to higher consciousness.” – Pastor Kimberly Elliot, Fairfax Community Church.     Healing & Energy Work: Art & Visionary Painting:  

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(628) 245 6011

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Group Exhibitions

“Center for Sacred Studies” – Guerneville, California

“Gratitude Power” – Berkeley, California

“KRS-One Hip Hop” – Oakland, California

“Chrystal Chalice” – Fairfax California

“Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers” – Estancia, New Mexico

“Heart Awareness Mandala” – Featured in the Palace of the Queen of Mysore of India’s private collection


Meditative Skills” – Author Ken Ludden

Sacred  Journey” – Author The Journal of Fellowship in Prayers.

33” – Author Holistic Health Networker

“Peace Makers” – Author Native Village Magazine


Gaia’s Womb” won second place in the NASA-Etsy contest ‘Space Craft’


Terra Madre - The Shift

Visionary Art

Natural and Green Earth Pigments

66" x 67" canvas wall



"In the beginning, the seed of life was in the heart. Then it went further down. We created you in our heart", said the stone I was holding. Then later, as I was in the presence of the crystal skull Sha Na Rah, I received this magnificent vision of how life was born on earth. All from the same source, from Terra Madre.


Museum Quality Giclee Print on Canvas available 


“This is pure emotion reminding us how Mother Earth is beautiful. I wish more people like you worked on showing us the beauty of our planet instead of spending time on war and destruction. I don’t know how to thank you for the gift you give us. This is magnificent. So touching and inspiring you are so blessed in your life mission.” - Patrick Bornemann, Artist


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