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Margo Reis

  • 1325 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA
  • Studio # 9

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Art Works Downtown

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Studio # 9

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I’m using acrylic paint, varied mark making tools, and, often, collaged papers. I’m usually listening to classical or jazz and rely on exploration and experimentation to find my way on the canvas or paper. I’m willing to create “failures” on the way to “successes” while hoping for aliveness and originality in the results. An important part of the process is making many “starts” and avoiding being concerned too early with the results. Painting in a series of several at a time increases the odds that I’ll be successful with some “finishes”. Titles are fun and often come to me from poetry or music.  While keeping the titles vague, I invite the viewer to connect with their own idea of what the painting is about.


Why I paint:  I have always been drawn to the power and beauty of nature, especially where land and water meet. The beautiful nuances and varieties in natural light, textures, colors, shapes, repetitions and rhythms in the outdoor world fascinate and energize me. As I move paint around intuitively and add or subtract here and there, I stay open to surprises, fortuitous accidents and unexpected results.  This manipulation of materials feels good.  It is a fun way to paint!  I love the process, the wet, messy paint itself, the endless possibilities for lines, shapes, and mark making, and the satisfying feeling of time well spent.

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Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media

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(415) 302-0480

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Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions


2021 HARMONY, The Cedars of Marin, Kay Carlson and Phyllis Thelen, Jurors
2021 MOVEMENT, O’Hanlon Center, Daria Halprin, Juror
2020 SMALL WORKS, Art Works Downtown, Jack Fischer (Gallery) Juror
2019 WINTER WHITE, O’Hanlon Center, Lorna Stevens, Juror
2019 SMALL WORKS, Art Works Downtown, Alexander Schwarz, Juror
2019 WINTER SOLSTICE, Marin MOCA, Andrea Schwartz, Juror
2018 COLOR EMOTION, Art Works Downtown, Jeremy Morgan at S.F.A.I, Juror
2017 BAY AREA WOMEN ARTISTS, O’Hanlon Center, Seager and Gray, Jurors
2017 ABSTRACT FIGURATIVE, O’Hanlon Center, Susan Snyder, Juror
2017 THE ART OF ABSTRACTION, Art Works Downtown, Toni Littlejohn, Juror
2016 IN YOUR DREAMS, Marin Society of Artists, Michael Azgour, Juror
2016 MUSICAL, Art Works Downtown, Donna Seager and Paul Liberatore, Jurors
2016 BLACK AND WHITE AND SHADES OF GRAY, O’Hanlon Center, Linda Connor, Juror
2015 BLACK AND WHITE AND SHADES OF GRAY, O’Hanlon Center, Barry Peterson, Juror


2014 RE/VISION, Marin MOCA, Honorable Mention, Robert Green, Juror
2006 ABSOLUTELY ABSTRACT, Artisans Gallery, San Rafael, Merit Award
1997 WATERCOLORS, Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, CA BEST IN SHOW




2016-2019 THE ARTIST’S JOURNEY and STUDIO JOURNEY, Nancy Hillis, Teacher & Author

2015 ENCAUSTIC MONOTYPES, Karen Chaussabel at Winslow Art Center, B.I., WA

Art School

2012 PAINTING WORKSHOP MENTORING, Katherine, Chang, Liu, Santa Clara, CA

2009 ABSTRACT PAINTING, Michael Azgour, College of Marin, Kentfield, CA

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