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  • 480 Gate 5 Road, Studio 355, Sausalito CA, 94965
  • #355 on the 3rd floor

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Industrial Center Building

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#355 on the 3rd floor

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My studio is on the 3rd floor from the North Entrance of the ICB Building. Parking lot near Heath Ceramics.

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My mission is to explore the relationship between what we see around us and what we experience internally. My work is about translating perceptual states into visual language.

I am particularly interested in creating atmospheres that awake our sense of wholeness. I use blurring effects and expansive fields of colors as well as dynamic strokes to evoke energy, light and interconnectivity.

I draw my inspiration from the many landscapes I encounter, from the windswept coast of Brittany, where I spent my childhood, to the radiant vistas of California, where I now live. My intention is to encourage the observer to ponder what he or she is looking at and invite to dive into the image as if diving within oneself. I like to think that an abstract landscape can become a familiar Place to a viewer: Shifting from an external point of view of looking at a landscape to enter a more intimate space, in which you experience emotions and sensations. The colors, strokes, shapes become a language that can resonate deeper than words.
The water and the Ocean are a recurrent element of inspiration for my work: it has always been very familiar to me and the characteristics and symbolic of water are ideal to illustrate the language of the soul.
My process involves drawing with charcoals, painting with a range of media (watercolor, acrylic and oil paint), and taking digital photography. While painting, I navigate between pouring, dripping, veiling and glazing techniques.

Throughout my life I have been strongly influenced by painters with an interest in light, atmosphere and energy, such as J.M.W Turner, Mark Rothko, G. Richter and P. Doig. With my Art, I aim to spark a connection between our inner lives and the outside world to create further awareness of our nature.

Marine Strage


Marine Strage is a French Artist living and working in Marin, California since 2013. Born in Brittany, France, she moved to Paris at 18 y.o to pursue her studies in Communication at the Sorbonne University. After a successful career in Advertising agencies in Paris and London she decided to enroll in Fine Arts studies. She attended Heatherley ‘s School of Art and Central Saint Martins University for her MA. She worked in her Notting Hill Studio and after giving birth to her two daughters, she represented French artists in her Pop Up gallery between 2008 and 2010.After traveling the world for 6 months, Marine Strage settled in the Bay early 2013. The beauty of the California landscapes became a source of inspiration. Marine Strage is interested in translating emotional states into a visual language. Her abstract paintings and mix media work engage the viewer in colorful atmospheric landscapes that express energy and movement and offer a reflection on the qualities of Being.

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Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor, Digital Art, Photography

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ICB Winter open studios Dec

Equator cafe Sausalito-April ICB international Women artists Show

ICB 3RD FLOOR LOUNGE ; Abstract series

O’Hanlon Mill Valley- Monochromatic February

Marin Moca: What is Art for? February

Novato Church: 3 months exhibition




2022 Artists of the BAY area Book by Jen Tough Gallery

2022- 2021 Art Folio Annual



Breiz Amerika

“Marine Gueguen Strage, A Breton Artist in San Francisco on the rise”


Gate Magazine SF May 2023

Artful Living



Master Degree in Fine Arts Painting -first year- London Central Saint Martins 2003

Master Degree in Sciences of Information , Sorbonne University- Celsa, Paris 1991


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May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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