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Maeve Croghan

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I begin my paintings outside in nature. There, I am influenced by the all the elements. Being at the site allows me to deeply experience the nature as I am painting it.
My subjects are thoughtfully chosen to reflect certain feelings. The paintings are composed to draw the viewer deeply into the painting, so they may also experience this natural world.
I am interested in how humans affect nature and how nature seems defy human touch. Often, I am attracted to the powerful twisty forms of old oaks, orchards and vines. I admire their ability to live through the elements – droughts, storms, and great temperature differences. And, the delicate beauty of a wildflower and grasses can have equal allure. For me these beings possess a power beyond our human understanding.
The openness of certain natural environments is another subject for my paintings. Conveying wild open space – infinity – has been a theme for quite some time.
My paintings are completed in the studio. At this point, I work from memory and feeling. As the work evolves, it often changes from the original scene, taking on its own life. There is a deep connection to the place of each painting that remains with me.
I try to keep my materials close to nature, using high quality oil paints ground from pigments and linseed oil.
I wish for my paintings to bring the viewer‹¨«s attention and consciousness closer to this most important subject – nature and the environment – in a way they may not have previously experienced.


I have been painting most of my life. When I was 15 years old, I realized that being an artist would be my life long pursuit and passion.
I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia near Washington, D.C. My family spent the summers on an island in Northern Michigan – Mackinac Island. There, the beauty of the clean clear lakes and the deep north woods deeply affected me. Being near nature, and understanding it’s nuances was and is a huge part of my life.
Moving to California in 1990 transformed my art, and I began painting outdoors. My painting is now a dual process of beginning the painting outside en plein air, and then finishing the painting in my studio from memory and feeling – without photos. The painting then becomes a more inward journey of my experience with the subject I have painted. As the paintings evolve – they sometimes dramatically change from the original painting.
I have had significant accomplishments in my art – for which I am grateful.
My art is in prominent collections around the world.
Museum showings include – the Matsumoto Museum in Matsumoto, and the Salt Road Museum in Omachi, Japan, The Manoogian Art Museum on Mackinac Island, Michigan, the Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego, Ca., the Anchorage Museum of Art, Alaska, Laguna Beach Museum and the Los Gatos Museum, California, Coos Bay, Oregon and The Farmington Museum in New Mexico.
The SFMOMA Artists Gallery in San Francisco now represents my art.
Thank-you for reading about me. I hope you can visit me and my art May, @ & 3, and May 19 & 10 at the Marin Art & Garden Center Gallery, in Ross, this year.

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Marin Art & Garden Center

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(231) 215-0399

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