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Lisa McHugh

  • 98 West Nicasio Road, San Geronimo CA, 94963

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@LisaMchughDesign Having worked professionally for 20 yrs in the design field, my worked called for a level of detail and control that now as a painter I find myself continually striving to “un-do”.

Painting allows me to work without the parameters dictated by clients or market trends. With this, I am free to let the painting process unfold by itself, taking direction from the vast storehouse of mental and visual prompts from 20 years of living in Asia, and living by the sea. To me, painting is more than replicating visual information, but allowing the dialogue between personal experience and expression of energy to take place.

We make so many conscious , cerebral decisions every moment of everyday, I use the process of painting as a place and time to let my unconscious have the reigns.

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(203) 807-3001

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