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Licita Fernandez

  • 1408 Mission Ave, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA

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For the past two or so years, I’ve been painting in oil, exploring different effects I can create with this malleable medium. Currently, I am exploring using shapes and colors to create mostly abstract paintings. Some of the shapes are abstract and others are elements of reality.  Color is a predominant concern: I use color to imbue my work with visual excitement and beauty, but also with a sense of humor and playfulness.


For years, I painted in watercolors, mostly botanical subject matter, mostly representational.  More enjoyable for me to paint and for the viewer to view are my more whimsical, imaginative paintings.  I created some of these in watercolor but have moved to acrylic and oil on canvas, and to drawing.  Exploring shapes and forms, I relish the abstract.  All my work shows my love of color.  My work now: colorful, whimsical, joyful, and imbued with humor and mystery. In addition to practicing my art for 75 years, I’ve also spent many years teaching art to people of all ages, from preschool children to seniors.  I have exhibited my artwork in California; Portland, Oregon; New Mexico; Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Mexico City in Mexico.  My work is in collections throughout the United States, in Mexico and in Colombia, South America.

Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Pastel, Drawing, Digital Art

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Falkirk Cultural Center

Special Location Or Visiting Instructions

The Falkirk Cultural Center is a beautiful Victorian Mansion built in 1888. The stunning interior contains 3 galleries, so you will be able to view the artwork of 3 artists.

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Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions


2023                  Sausalito Center for the Arts, “Spotlight”, Sausalito, CA  Acrylic paintings

2022-2023       Sausalito Library, Sausalito, CA  Paintings and Drawings

2022-2023       Art Works Downtown, “Cornucopia”, San Rafael, CA  Acrylic painting

2023                  Bon Air Center #101, Greenbrae, CA  Drawing

2022                   Bon Air Center #101, Greenbrae, CA  Painting

2022                   Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, CA  Oil paintings, charcoal, pastel, Prismacolor drawings

2017                    The Arc Gallery, “Snap” San Francisco, CA   Acrylics

2002                   Los Medranos College Gallery, Pittsburg, CA   Watercolors and acrylics

1992-1999          ProArts Open Studios, Oakland, CA   Watercolors

1995                    Galería de la Raza, San Francisco, CA “A Devotional Legacy:  Día de Los Muertos 1972-1995”                                   Watercolors

3COM Corporation Exhibit, Santa Clara, CA    Watercolors

Patricia Stewart/Oberon Gallery, Napa, CA “Hispanic Perspective” Watercolors

1990                    Center for the Visual Arts, Oakland, CA “A Multi-Cultural Perspective of the African- American                               Experience”   Watercolors

1989                    The Bottger Mansion Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico “The Emerging Hispanic Woman”                                     Watercolors

1988-89              The Jessel Gallery, Napa, CA Watercolors

1987                     Banaker Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA Watercolors

Lotería Nacional Building, Mexico City, Mexico “Mexican-American Artists” Watercolors                                          Show traveled to Guadalajara and Tijuana as well.

1985                     The Watercolor Gallery, Berkeley, CA   “in shades of spring & summer” Watercolors

Galería de La Raza, San Francisco, CA “Women X Women” Watercolors

The Mexican Museum, San Francisco, CA “New Directions: Artistas Chicanas, 6 Women                                            Artists” Slide presentation, watercolors, Prismacolor pencil drawings

1981                     The Mexican Museum, San Francisco, CA “Two Sources: A Survey of Mexican-American and                                    Mexican Women Artists” Watercolors

Galería de La Raza, San Francisco, CA Watercolors and Prismacolor pencil drawings

1980                     Nuevo Graphics Gallery, Santa Fe New Mexico Prismacolor pencil drawings

1976                      The Glenn Gallery, El Cerrito, CA Watercolors




University of California at San Diego for two years, then transferred to:

University of California at Berkeley where I graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor’s degree in art.



Earned a teacher credential through Project Pipeline to teach elementary school.


Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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