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LeeAnne Chappell

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Hi All, I’m a California landscape painter working in oils. I work primarily in Plein air approach on square formats. I also love conveying mystery and whimsy and often paint birds, rabbits, cats, and dogs at play. I am drawn to the coastal hills and majestic oaks and have spent a lot of time out in Point Reyes over the pandemic. Paths are also a favorite theme.

The more whimsical works draw from inspiring moments of insight found in the relationship between humans and nature. Finding the steepness of a cliff, the curve of a branch, or a community of wintering birds notable.

The acceleration of our changing landscape is a constant confrontation and I hope to express our collective connection in an ever-changing and altering earth.


30+ years oil painting, graduate UCD studied under Wayne Theibaud.

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Oil Paint

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Unable to participate in 2023

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Open April 29 - May 14
Fundraiser April 29, 6-8pm
May 6-7 & 13-14

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