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Linda Larsen

  • 500 Palm Drive Novato CA, 94949
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Influenced by decades trekking the hills of Northern California in order to paint its beguiling beauty, my studio abstracts reflect my fascination with color and atmosphere.
I often approach an abstract painting by laying out an expanse of one color, then adding or subtracting further colors intuitively, composing with relationships between color and shape. I now experiment with pouring paint to differentiate areas, allowing the paint to define outcomes and hopefully sidestep my usual preferences and intentions. These poured shapes have enlarged my vocabulary of expressive forms and have freed me from my tendency to judge my results too harshly.
I may add lines to emphasize the energetic direction or mood of the composition. These lines can become too aggressive, intruding upon the stillness of meditative spaces and require effort to keep them in check. Settling on a satisfying ƒ??constructionƒ? may take one or two sessions or, more frequently, one or two months worth of visits to my studio. The physicality and constant challenge of abstract composition keep the work alive for me.

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500 Palm Drive Novato CA, 94949

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(415) 516-4812

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