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A native of the South, Katie Korotzer has called the San Francisco Bay Area home for over two decades.  She has studied and practiced art throughout her life; her contemporary expressionist work reflects her ongoing exploration of what it means to integrate her experience of these two very different places.  Katie creates her large scale paintings and mixed media collages from her studio in Sausalito, California and regularly exhibits her work in galleries and group shows.  Her work has won awards and recognition and is featured in many private collections.

Instagram: katiekorotzer
Telephone: 510-290-5125

After spending three decades in a professional event planning career not related to art and raising my two sons with my husband, I am finally coming to terms with my desire to practice art full time. I have realized that my connection to color as well as texture, shape and form is something worth expressing and sharing with others in the form of painting. I have also reconnected to my love of journalism and creative writing and since 2019 have published a regular column in The Piedmont Exedra titled “In The Artist’s Studio”.
When writing the artist profiles for my column I have a unique opportunity to meet artists, learn about their process and their inspiration, and to share their work with the world. Since 1987 I have been an art student, learning about technique, materials and various forms of expression through classes with private artist instructors, community college and workshops. Throughout this time I have exhibited and sold my work.
My paintings are abstract and non-representational.

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Acrylic Paint, Drawing, Oil Paint

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(510) 290-5125

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