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Koorosh Ostowari

  • 1515 3rd St, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA

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As a contemporary abstract artist, I am dedicated to making artworks that are engaging, and convey a sense of mystery and joy. For me, color, light and movement are energy, a life force, and space is dialogical and dynamic. My abstract paintings are symbolic gestures that create meaning and understanding in my life, serving as a bridge to greater connection, meaning, and positive change. My art is an expression of the joy, energy, and mystery I often experience in life. I paint using an abstract style that is a form of visual poetry to create a dance between light, color, symbols, shapes, and forms that intersect, interact, and move through time and space in order to tell a story. The artworks ask relevant questions from the viewer about their own journey, and engage viewers in a visceral and emotional manner.

For the 2024 MOS I am offering 10 of my Energy Series paintings. Available for viewing on May 4-5 and May 11-12 at the Marin Society of Artists – 1515 Third Street, San Rafael CA



My Story
I am a multidisciplinary artist striving to be a creative agent for positive change on this planet.

My multiple identities are indivisible. At all times, I am all of the following: A contemporary abstract painter, author, playwright, actor/solo performer, public speaker, certified somatic therapist and mindfulness teacher/coach, real estate entrepreneur in San Francisco, California, and certified naturalist and environmental advocate, engaging in the study of my local Marin County flora and fauna, including birds. In addition, I maintain my local beach on a daily basis and am a world traveler. I have been awarded the certificate of acknowledgement by the U.S. Congress and have been acknowledged by the California State legislature for my work as a leader of change in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My process and concepts as a multidisciplinary artist: My writings, paintings, and solo performances are responsive to the current societal norms, values, and socio-political context that are in need of exploration, re-evaluation, and understanding. My creative work responds to space, place, time and people, reflecting my belief that art and creative expression can be committed to interconnection and freedom. Ultimately my book, paintings, and journalistic style theater performances reflect a visual representation of human potential, connection, inclusion and compassion. In times of divisiveness, mindless consumerism, rampant greed, racism, climate change and mental health crisis, I use art to show me a potential path forward. I seek to understand what role art plays as a catalyst for change, and I invite you to do the same in your own unique and special way. We are all co-creators on a planet destined for change, and hopefully transformation for the good of all.

My intention is to do my best to engage my viewers, readers, and audience directly, offering moments of introspection. My paintings and theatrical performances often evolve, reflecting tangible marks of connection between viewers and the visual experience expressed on stage, on canvas, and in the exercises and reflections in my book. For me, this is an important part of connecting physically and psychologically with my audience. My work is intended to be in dialogue with audiences in a variety of ways. In my paintings, book, and solo performances, the audience plays a role in the experience in order to arrive at their own unique outcome, an understanding that feels right.

Art Medium(s)

Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media

Group Studio Details

My paintings will be available for viewing for both MOS Weekends:

At the Marin Society of Artists – 1515 Third Street, San Rafael, CA

Opening Reception Friday May 3, 5-8pm

Weekend 1 is (Sat-Sun)May 4&5,   11am-6pm

Weekend 2 is (Sat-Sun)May 11 &12,  11am-6pm


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Marin Society of Artists

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My art will be on exhibit at the Marin Society of Artists – 1515 Third Street, San Rafael for both Weekends of the MOS

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I have been painting for close to 40 years. As a self taught painter I originally began painting in my early 20’s as a form of self expression and creative therapy. I began as an impressionist painter, and moved to what is now contemporary abstract. I studied extensively at the San Francisco Art Institute, and as a busy, successful real estate entrepreneur, I was able to discover how true wealth can also be achieved through my art. While I painted, I ran a business in San Francisco, I also began writing a mindfulness based book about managing stress and anxiety around money (called the Money Anxiety Cure – A Path To Financial Well-being), and teaching how transformation and positive change is possible through creative expression to inmates at a local jail for 10 years.  I have been awarded the certificate of acknowledgement by the U.S. Congress and have been acknowledged by the California State legislature for my creative work and as a leader of change, not just at the local jail, but in the San Francisco Bay Area.
It’s a lot to juggle, but it all feels seamlessly connected and from my heart. And then 10 years ago I reconnected with my childhood passion of acting and performing. I began writing and performing solo performances at the Marsh Theater 10 years ago. I use my solo performances as a journalistic vehicle to engage my audience, seeking out relevant and rich stories that are currently impacting us and our society. As a multidisciplinary artist my multiple identities are indivisible.

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