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Kathy Gray

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I like to  paint in the photo realistic style because it gives me a point of departure for exploring a subject. While painting an object or scene as it appears-either in reality or in my imagination-I focus on its essence, its deeper meaning. I want to reveal what is special or portray the magic of a particular moment in time. This is true whether the subject is a landscape, a human or pet portrait, or even a still life. This process of connecting with a subject and sharing my discoveries on the canvas brings me joy.

At the very top of the list of artists who have inspired me are Canadian naturalist, Robert Bateman; contemporary American portrait artist, John Howard Sanden; and three generations of the Wyeth family: N.C., Andrew, and Jamie.

I am also inspired by history. I love storytelling. I am drawn to documentary films. So much goes on behind the scenes! I want to know more. Understanding and capturing elements in the woven mystery of our lives, of life, fulfills me as an artist and a human being.

I am gratified when my paintings awaken emotions and prompt viewers to pause, feel, and muse-to be curious, inspired…happy.

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  Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1954, Kathy grew up in a family of artists and enjoyed drawing from an early age. Self-taught, she found subjects for her art all around her. Always drawn by the magic and power of the ocean, she moved to Marin County in 1986 to explore the beauty of the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. She is a passionate kayaker and often take a camera out onto the bay to capture scenes for her studio work.   “Light is so powerful – the way it makes things pop and dim, changing the scene before your eyes. I’m always absorbed, watching the interplay of colors, shapes, and movement, waiting for that special moment I’ll want to capture and savor through painting.” – Kathy Gray   Kathy has a background in illustration and studied graphic design at Platt College in San Francisco. She has been commissioned to paint family homesteads, portraits, pets, seascapes, and Marin landmarks. Her oil painting, North Tower won Best of Show at the Marin County Fair as part of the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. Recent works include a life-size portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Fog Signal Station, which focuses on the old signal station under the Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy morning. The Raven, showing elements of the poem along with a portrait of poet, Edgar Allan Poe; and Glass Beach, with its mesmerizing waves rhythmically rolling against the barnacle-encrusted rocks.   Presently, Kathy is exploring a new theme of woodland animals in watercolors. Her passion is showing animals in a whimsical way and having fun in the process.  

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Oil Paint, Watercolor

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Attended Platt College for a certificate in graphic design and computer graphics.


Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts - Watercolor 22" x 30"

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