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Kathryn Keller

  • 480 Gate 5 Rd, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA
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I credit my art to curiosity…

As I move from style to style, medium to medium, semi-realism to abstract. There is always a challenge with new techniques to learn when moving from one to the other, and at the same time that keeps if fresh.  I like working with layers of paint and intricate transitions between colors.

This to me creates a depth of interest in the details when seen up close and from a distance the romance of the view, leaving traces of the evolution at every step along the way. As a result, each work of art can be appreciated not only as a completed piece but also as abstract evidence of the various stages involved with its completion—call it the geology of a painting.


Building sandcastles with drips and  moats occupied my ideal  summers with the beach only a few blocks away at the New Jersey shore.  With many picnic lunches and BBQ’s, paper plates became one of my first drawing surfaces no doubt done with Crayola crayons—I so loved a new box of 100’s.  I drew for many years but really recall our family Sunday visits to Valley Forge with its gentle countryside dotted with stone houses and walls, thus subsequently Andrew Wyeth became my first real inspiration and teacher as I copied his work to learn how to paint and to this day I am very comfortable and at home when I do landscapes. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Environmental Design from Arizona State University. I worked as an interior designer and after went back to studying art at the College of Marin.  Once again hooked on fine art, I got out of interior design with all its endless minute details for a full time art career. My husband and I travelled for seven years around the world including four years living in Johannesburg, South Africa. With the endless travel bug we still continue to travel and photograph our journeys to this today.

Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint

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ICB – Industrial Center Building

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(415) 887-8285

Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions

“Spot Light on Sausalito” –  Opens Feb. 16.   The Show runs thru to mid-March.

I’ll be showing three urrent abstract landscapes in  this group show comprised of Sausalito residents and artists with studios in Sausalito.

Hours are 11- 5 Wed – Sunday, Sausalito Center for the Arts in the center of town in the old B of A building.

“Artists at Work” – Sat. March 4, 11 to 5 pm.  Casual opportunity to wander the studios of the ICB.  I will be there in studio # 252

“Dart for Art” – Sat March 18, Lymelight Foundations 12th annual event to raise money for those in need with Lyme Disease.  Proud to say my 6th year of donating to this worth cause and very fun event.


Marin Magazine Best of Marin County – Marin Home, “A Ranch for Retirement” August 2022




Bachelor of Fine Arts, Environmental Design – Arizona State University

Continuing Education:  College of Marin, selected workshops

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Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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