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Kandi Cota

  • 11 Jones Way, Larkspur CA, 94939

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Kandi Cota uses her empathetic way to transform a canvas into an affected experience. Her wish is that you continue to discover life and beauty in the post expressionist style in a fluid, new way every time. The use of mixed media creates some tangibility in the moments that seem to last forever in rich feeling, thought and emotion. Her work holds many different contexts up close and at a distance. Discover.


Kandi Cota, is a contemporary California mixed media, abstract, landscape and figurative painter whose talents were first discovered and encouraged at age six. Kandice is influenced by her kaleidoscopic lifeƒ??s experience and uses her perception of color and movement to transform the canvas into a captured living moment. Her use of light and color to personify the passion in her subjects exemplifies the mark of a true Impressionist. Her mastery of color, texture and perspective are the elements Kandice uses to re-define the vibrant and fulfilled life she paints.

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Kandi Cota Studio

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(323) 350-2098

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