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Judy Doyle

  • 833 Marin Dr, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

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The magic of science, the beauty of decay, the presence of peace within chaos: I am bewitched by this sort of narrative dichotomy and seek to explore these dual relationships within my work. I enjoy making art that is beautiful, sparkly, colorful, and shamelessly decorated, while maintaining an unsettling edge or sense of absurdity.

With my three-dimensional work I strive to create something one can examine and spend time with. My sculptures are, at their core, objects. They are meant to be interactive; viewers are invited to carefully hold, turn, and peer into them. In doing so, they will encounter a enchanted,  otherworldly space that exists far outside the realm of daily life.

Resin is the perfect material to create fanciful dioramas levitated within ethereal space. Many of my compositions rely on this quality: my themes often involve falling, flying, swimming or floating. Resin acts as an invisible support, allowing me to suspend multiple objects in complex arrangements. I work with depth, playing with pigmentation, transparency, and opacity of many layers. I employ mirrors, glitter, and LEDs to encourage light to bounce around the within the sculpture and create a space that plays off of the external environment.

I start each project with a completed image in my mind. The techniques and materials I employ to bring these visions to into tangible existence are manifold, and are completely contingent on what each individual project requires. Whether it means experimenting with the possibilities and limitations of epoxy resin and polymer clay, using found objects or children’s toys, or learning to use assorted tools such as a miter saw, vacuum chamber, or airbrush, I work in total devotion to my initial intention. The placement of every element is considered, even the minute components, such as individual pieces of glitter, are  often transferred into the resin individually on the point of a pin. Though I try my best to master and control the mediums I use, the qualities of the materials inevitably warp my initial vision, and there must always be a substantial element of surrender to these material phenomena; which, in the end is just another contradiction to observe and celebrate.


Born into a military family, I moved around a lot during my childhood, including bases in Alaska and California and eventually settling in Washington. I was fortunate to have adventurous parents that enjoyed camping, and possessed a deep appreciation of nature. I moved to Santa Cruz California to complete a BA in Biological Sciences, attended  Medical School in Davis, did a Pathology Residency and Fellowship in San Francisco, and landed a job locally. As a Pathologist I spend my days carefully examining what I see through my microscope, analyzing abstract images for meaning. This has likely shaped my desire to create three dimensional objects that one can gaze into. My “day job” is intellectually stimulating and fulfilling, but also time consuming and somewhat exhausting. Therefore, I create my works primarily on weekends and during vacation; one piece may take weeks to months to complete.

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Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media, Sculpture

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Weather permitting, artwork will be displayed outside, behind the house; follow the signage.

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(415) 971-0429

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