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Jonah Burlingame

  • 226 S. Ridgewood Rd, Kentfield, CA 94904, USA

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My work is a journey of exploration and discovery, with each painting serving as a dialogue between the unconventional implements I use and the evolving landscape of serendipitous accidents they create.

I create abstract paintings that delve into the relationships between color, texture, and mark-making. Utilizing window squeegees and metal drywall blades, I pull paint across the surface, emphasizing imperfections as low points become filled with paint and high points accumulate more material with each sweeping stroke.

Since childhood, I have been captivated by found objects shaped by time and motion—abandoned industrial buildings with once brightly painted equipment, now marked by repeated use and overtaken by the patina of time. Similarly, nature reveals its own beauty through trees and rocks weathered by harsh environments or moss and lichen thriving in protected areas. These colors and textures are all around us.

My technique mirrors the environments that inspire me. I leave much to chance, allowing the build-up and sanding down of the surface over numerous sessions (sometimes as many as 30+ layers) to unveil each painting’s unique story.

I invite you to embark on this journey of discovery with me. Be drawn to the colors and composition, and allow yourself to be pulled in to inspect the surface and textures more closely. Perhaps you too will be reminded of the wonder and discovery from your childhood.


Jonah Burlingame, born in San Francisco in 1968, is part of a family of artists who span three generations. His minimalist, abstract pieces have garnered attention and praise in the Bay Area, resulting in commissions from prominent professionals. For over 25 years, Jonah has honed his signature style, using a squeegee to apply paint and suspending each layer in varnish to create a harmonious relationship between organic textures and structured forms. His work invites viewers to step beyond the confines of reality and into a world of imagination. Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Jonah studied art history and graphic design at Kent State University. After gaining recognition and awards in the Midwest, he returned to his birthplace of San Francisco to pursue a career as an artist. He now lives in Marin with his wife and two dogs, where he continues to exhibit and establish his reputation in the local art community. He also serves on the board of Marin Open Studios in service of its mission to connect artists with the public.

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Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media

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jonah [at] jonahburlingame [dot] com




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