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Jonah Burlingame

  • 226 S Ridgewood Rd, Kentfield CA, 94904
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My work seeks to obscure the artist hand by using nontraditional implements for moving paint across the surface of wood panels. Each application of paint creates small imperfections which often become exaggerated with the subsequent layers of paint and varnish. I am inspired by high designƒ??fashion, architecture, furniture, guitars. I seek to abstract what I see into two dimensional planes of color, texture, and composition.


Jonah Burlingame, a San Francisco native raised in Northeast Ohio, represents a third generation in a family of artists. His clean, abstract works have gained much attention in San Francisco, including commissions for many prominent Bay Area professionals. Since 1996 Jonah has been using his signature technique of painting with a squeegee and suspending each layer of paint in varnish to create paintings that harmonize within a high design environment. His work combines organic color textures with formal structural elements, which beg the viewer to imagine a world beyond the window his paintings provide.

Jonah Burlingame was born in the spring of 1968 in San Francisco. He grew up in Northeast Ohio where he attended Kent State University studying art history and graphic design. Having garnered awards and a strong following in the Midwest, he returned nearly thirty-five years later to pursue a career as an artist in the city he again calls his home. Jonah now resides in Marin with his wife and two dogs where he continues to exhibit and gain prominence in the San Francisco Bay art community.

Join me in my studio and view works large and small spanning my career. Get a peek at a few new works in progress.

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Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media

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