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Jaleh A Etemad

  • 237 Round Hill Road, Tiburon CA, 94920

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Born in Azerbaijan, Iran, Jaleh was educated in England, obtaining

BS and MS degree in Advance Medical Laboratory Technology and

working in Cancer Research for eight years. Since 1970 Jaleh

Etemad has resided in the United States. In 1986, she received an

Art Degree from California State University Northridge, Los

Angeles. Her work has been widely exhibited in Bay Area galleries

as well as in Hawaii and New Mexico. She has been the recipient of

several awards and she has exhibited internationally in Paris,

France, Stockholm, Sweden, Oslo, Norway, Rome, Italy and

Beijing, China. She is published in “International Women

Artists,”vol.1, 1997, and vol.2, 2001, “100 Contemporary Artists

“Art Addiction-World of Art Magazine, 2003. “The Art of

Layering: Making Connections” The Society of Layerists in Multi

Media, vol.1, 2004Process & Projects, Alliance of Women Artists,

Vol. 3, 2010.   “Visual Journeys: Art in the 21st Century,

Society of Layerists in Multi Media”, Vol. 3, 2010

Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor, Pastel, Drawing, Digital Art, Photography, Prints and Printmaking, Mixed Media

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(415) 233-2699 mobile

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