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Irene Belknap

  • 251 Reed St, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA
  • 415-383-3613

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In my work I use figurative images that have associate meaning. Significant gesture, the relationship of nameable objects, juxtaposed in sometimes unexpected ways, ask for the viewer’s interaction. An enigmatic element that defies the tyranny of a single meaning stands at the  forefront.

Painting, like poetry, allows for simultaneity of meaning. the portrayed image, the viewer’s history and inference create the experience.

In my work there is no final “this means that.” it is my belief that that which sustains in painting is the evocative; that which calls to mind both the artist and the viewer. My aim is too evoke a sense of the unknown where final meaning is withheld, thus the mind is incited to allow a journey beyond ourselves, toward that which we sense but cannot explain; that which we know but cannot prove.


I was born in Munich, Germany. I came to America when I was 5. I grew up on the East Coast and returned to Germany after college. My parents wouldn’t let me go to Art School, so my undergraduate degree in History Of Art. My first husband said if you could ever choose where he was going to live it would be Mill valley, California. We founded a Poster Company in the 60’s. The whole collection is now in The Victoria Albert museum in London. I finally did go to Art School in San Francisco. I received a Master’s degree from the San Francisco Art institute. I have a beautiful studio in my house which i call my Mother’s guilt for not letting me go to Art School.

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Oil Paint, Prints and Printmaking, Mixed Media

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Belknap Irene

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Silvermine Art Academy in 2 summers in High School.

Kokoschka School in Salzburg, Austria for 2 summers in college.

BA from Sweet Briar college in Virginia

MFA from SFAI in San Francisco, CA.



Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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