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  • 229 Flamingo Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

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Tam Valley Studios

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Park in the lot between Shoreline Coffeeshop and The Yard Gym. Enter through the gate to the courtyard.

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Living on the water in Sausalito is inspirational and fuels my creative practice, as does all of the majestic beauty and unique landscapes surrounding me in the Bay Area!

 My lifelong passion for transformational healing practices, color combinations, synchronicities, magic and spiritual journeys are also key drivers in my work.

I let the materials, interactions of colors, and intuition lead the way and inform the painting… I celebrate the aha moments and try and stay patient with the sluggish or stuck periods, which inevitably push me into what Carl Jung would call the shadow parts of myself, always guiding me in new ways, and one might even say, create character in the piece.

This way of painting is a process, which creates a multilayerd painting with lots of depth and luminosity.

For me, the most successful paintings  are the ones that feel alive and have a presence, ones that hold the essence of the beautiful landscapes that surround me,  telling a story without words.


Heather McFarlin grew up in the Bay Area, and began creating art at a very early age. She went on to get a BA in Art and Psychology from CSU Chico, and later to study Taoism, Chinese Medicine, and Intuition Medicine. She has had a thriving private practice as a  hands-on Healing Practitioner for over two decades and considers Fine Art and the Healing Arts  to go hand in hand, as one informs and inspires the other.  Heather’s work has been shown throughout the Bay Area and collected internationally.  Heather’s art was featured in VogueUK, and on the set of SENSE8 in 2017, and she has been a featured artist with Saatchi and Singulart, received many awards and recently written up as one of the ‘top Contemporary artists to watch in 2024’ by Contemporary Art Curator magazine.  She lives in a tiny floating home in Sausalito.

Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Mixed Media

Group Studio Details

Located in Tam Valley, this converted greenhouse with  ample light and a gorgeous fountain and courtyard is the home of a small group of working artists and pop up local makers events.

Other artists showing: Michelle Susoev Photography

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Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions


  • MMCLAY Studios Solo show, San Francisco, CA
  • EQ3 / San Francisco
  • Juried Group Exhibit, Artworks Downtown ‘Small Works’


  • Top Contemporary Artists to Watch in 2024, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
  • Interview for Contemporary Art Curator
  • SENSE8 Netflix Season 2
  • Featured in a Collection: ‘Our Most Beautiful Abstract Landscapes’ | Singulart online international exhibition
  • Voices of Tomorrow’ Award by CAC
  • Contest Winner/Featured in Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine | International | Summer 2020
  • VOGUE UK: Featured Gallery Artist | March & April
  • Published in The Power of Creativity by Contemporary Art Curator



Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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