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Rinat Goren

  • 150 Normandy Lane, Woodside CAlifornia, 94062

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Rinat Goren

Rinat Goren started her artistic career by diving into collage making. Collages are an adequate way to convey abstract messages and values such as the love of people, individuals, their choices and mind work.
After few years of using acrylics and mix media on canvas, Goren discovered the encaustic medium. Using beeswax to create collages improved her ability to layer her art, to give it depth and to show more texture.

Rinatƒ??s art explores ways to convey her personal values. She is particularly interested in the individual (vs. group), in freedom and in boundaries between individuals and groups, as well as individualsƒ?? ability to use their mind, to solve problems and innovate.

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I am a Bay Area artist, living in Woodside, with my family. I immigrated to the USA from Israel as a young adult and loving my life here in the Bay Area. I became an artist late in my life when in an enlightening moment I understood my need to create. After that I decided to dedicate my time to art.

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