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Gigi Lambert

  • 30 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross CA, 94957
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Artist Statement-G. Lambert

As a painter, I am interested in the experiential nature of reality. Examining close
and questioning our experience is the most viable method of pointing to the truth of our own being and in doing so revealing reality.

My work is an inseparable mix of personal dialogue about nonduality, the human condition and the inner search for truth. It is a paradox to have these interior dialogues about nonduality manifest using the still life genre-but, one that has a robust history in the arts.
The work always starts as a feeling tone that my experiences inner and outer, began to populate the knowing of it. Then, it gains clarity as an interior visual expression perceived all at once- an essence. The inner experience begins to take form in the physical, through objects/form, space & color that resonate as congruent. It is at this point translated into painting. Being experiential in nature the mind is left to reconcile the inner and outer experiences of truth which is the ultimate experience of any successful painting or piece of work.

These paintings in particular are about the mystery of Beauty-how Beauty is inherent and experiential has no hierarchy. Beauty is eternal infinite & immanent ƒ??it dissolves subject/object and reveals Truth.

The work operates on three levels for meƒ??the classic artistic concerns of color, form and space. The necessity to relay the essential nature of the interior felt communication and respond to the greater spiritual concerns of an artist working in our times characterizing the truth of my own being in relation to the current sociopolitical paradigm and the whole of the history of human development. All these things are present at once in the work -sometimes more obvious and then just a fleeting energetic in others. Every piece of work is deeply and completely about the exact same thing the ongoing interior dialogue made manifest in the physical as a painting or print.


I moved to Marin last year. I have an MFA in Painting from Southern Methodist University in Texas. I have taught extensively on the college level-Color Theory, Drawing, Watercolor, Painting & 2D design. I paint in watercolor, gouache, oil and make prints.

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Marin Art & Garden Center

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(303) 502-7617

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