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Francesca Saveri

  • 1515 3rd St, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA

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My mission is to brighten lives through color.

I made a decision, not too long ago, to choose Light. Joy. To choose yes. This was the best decision I’ve ever made. It was also a matter of timing. I never left the art behind; it was always present in my life. It was my salvation and my ticket out of so many ugly, anxious moments. Every day that I’m in my studio with the sunlight pouring through the skylights and my dog Pippin, snoozing on the sofa, I am happy. Joyous. In celebration of Life, the Good and the Curiosity of what will happen next. 

My medium of choice is Encaustic where the fusion of wax, pigment and heat allow me to express Life on an infinite scale.



Francesca Saveri is a California abstract artist committed to creating beauty through full expression.  She credits Nature to be her essential teacher and her best learning environment in which she has constant interaction.


Her work is deeply influenced by lifelong practices in music, writing and movement.  A former teacher, she treasures the process of growth and learning through exploration, risk taking, and collaboration.  With a mixture of a little magic, humor and the belief that anything is possible, she realizes her creative visions through the medium of encaustic.


Yearly visits to Salvador, Brazil have greatly shaped her work.  This confluence of Brazil and California has led her to create large encaustic paintings with strong color, bold shapes and organic mark making.  Through personal experience, Francesca has learned how color can be a powerful change agent and be used to influence emotions, health and soulful integrity.


Francesca has exhibited in galleries, museums and major art fairs throughout the United States.  She has been invited to speak on artist panels, been awarded Best in Show and interviewed for various publications.  Her collectors regularly seek her out during Open Studio months in the East Bay and at the yearly Superfine Art Fair in San Francisco.  


Art lovers are encouraged to visit her studio where they can learn more about encaustic painting, be guided in their art acquisition or take an encaustic painting workshop. 


For more information about exhibitions, workshops, sales or to get on her monthly newsletter please visit her website at


Francesca holds a BFA from UC Berkeley and a MA in Environmental Education with a Teaching Credential from Hayward State College.  She was a Master Teacher in the Oakland Public Schools for 17 years where she taught in a Performing Arts and an Arts Magnet School.  She continued her art education through a number of Bay Area institutions and with selected master artists.  


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