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Scott Elkington

  • 427 Marin Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941, USA

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I am a Sculptor.  Using modern technology while incorporating traditional sculpting techniques, I create transformative works from wood. I strive to create sculptures that challenge viewers to see the world in new and unexpected ways.

I am inspired by the work of artists such as Fernando Botero, Louise Bourgeois, and  Auguste Rodin, who were masters of their arts. I am also drawn to the work of contemporary sculpture artists such as Pascal Jarrion, for his cubist designs and Massimiliano Pelletti, for his classic work. Their sculptures explore visual themes of turbulence, naturalism, and intimacy.

My creative process begins with a long period of emotions, thought and exploration. I work with a variety of materials, including experimental paints and stains , woods found by the side of the road, and other objects plucked from oblivion. I can look at a section of tree, and see the sculpture contained within. Once I have a general idea of what I want to create, I begin to sculpt and mold in 3d CAD. I often spend weeks or even months working on a single sculpture.

I am committed to creating sculptures that are both tactilely and visually stimulating and intellectually thought-provoking.

  1. I was born and raised in Sausalito, California. I currently reside in Mill Valley, California. My sculpting  is inspired growing up near Sausalito’s waterfront where I witnessed many artists, including Barney West (Tiki Junction), who would create artwork out of common logs.
    Scott was inspired by this creative colony of people and began his own career on the Sausalito waterfront restoring large yachts and tugboats, including the Tairona, a 108’ Steel Tugboat, that still sits at the end of E Dock in the Sausalito Marina, opposite the Spinnaker Restaurant.
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Digital Art, Sculpture, Wood

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Group Exhibitions

The 2022 and 2023 Corte Madera Invitational Art Exhibition.

The Sausalito Center for the Arts; Bay Area Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2024 Feb 15 thru March 17




The Making of Scream

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"Sculpture is all about hard work and delayed gratification, It's mysterious, harmonious, pleasantly jarring, revelatory spatial structures — having good times and bad times at the same time,"

The late and great sculptor; Richard Hunt

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