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Elena Guryeva

  • 500 S Palm Dr, Novato, CA 94949, USA
  • Solo Art Show "PHENOMENA" March 25 - June 4 , MarinMOCA Second Floor Gallery

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As human beings, we dwell in a fascinating and mysterious world, where often verbal language alone falls short to describe the complexities of our experiences. Creating artwork is a vehicle to visually express my perception of the world. I have lived in several diverse countries, which enabled me to learn multiple languages and observe various cultures. This wisdom drives me to respond in my art practice and explore numerous themes. I am inspired by this ongoing investigation and propelled to create new series of works, while using different means of expression in my art.

Visual language is a powerful and dynamic universal instrument of communication. My intention is to convey to the viewer my emotions, ideas, and perspective from an angle that differs from our daily encounters. The objective here is to conjure a positive emotional response, and to move people, in their own ways.

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Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Photography, Mixed Media

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Marin Museum of Contemporary Art

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Solo Art Show "PHENOMENA" March 25 – June 4 , MarinMOCA Second Floor Gallery

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Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions

2023 March 25 – June 4 | Solo Art Show “Phenomena”, MarinMOCA, Second Floor Gallery, Novato, California, USA

2023 | “Altered Worlds” Annual Members Exhibition, MarinMOCA, Novato, California, USA

2022 | MarinMOCA exhibit at The Mills Building

2022 | Virtual Exhibition “Mysterious abstract landscapes”, Israelite Circle of Santiago, Chile

2022 | Pop-Up Show in Bon Air, Greenbrae, California, USA

2022 | Marin Open Studios, Marin County, California, USA

2021 | V Visual Arts Contest (3rd place), Center of Traditions, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile

2020 | ART STGO – Digital 2020, Santiago, Chile

2019 | VIII Art Contest at the CIS, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile


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