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Patrick Gannon

  • 23 Sao Augustine Way, San Rafael, CA 94903, USA

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I am interested in using art to communicate about issues that impact our communities, our society and our planet. As a psychologist, activist and artist, I want to blend my interests, skills and intentions to express my point of  view on various challenges faced by our world. In 2024, our country is facing threats to our democracy. I believe that political art can help inform the choices that voters need to make when they step into the voting booth.

I am a life long art lover, collector and  self-taught artist who has migrated from photography, filmmaking, lithography to painting. The art that I do is mostly inspired by major artists whose works I wish to posses but cannot afford.

For example I love the modern masters such as Picasso, Man Ray and JMW Turner as well as more contemporary artists such as Wayne Thiebaud, Richard Diebenkorn, Gerhard Richter, and David Hockney. These original, hand-painted reproductions are not for sale, but represent my own personal art collection that I am sharing publicly for the first time.



I am a clinical and performance psychologist by training serving adult clients at my office in San Francisco and nationally via Zoom. In addition to treating a wide range of clinical issues, I also work with athletes, classical musicians, artists, public speakers, brain surgeons, military and law enforcement personnel who experience performance anxiety that inhibits the high performance expectations that come with their jobs.


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Oil Paint, Mixed Media, Sculpture

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Atrium Studio

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415 497-0337



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