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Drew Thomas

  • 1505 Tiburon Blvd, Belvedere Tiburon, CA 94920, USA

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In a world increasingly saturated with complexity, Drew Thomas is an artist captivated by the essence of minimalism, who’s work delves into the beauty and power of simplicity.  It is in the uncluttered spaces of his work that one finds a profound connection to the essence of life itself. He finds beauty in the ordinary, and his work often pays homage to those overlooked moments of daily existence.

A symphony of color, each canvas bursts with vibrant hues that evoke feelings of happiness, humor and nostalgia in those who encounter his work. Each stroke of the brush represents a deliberate choice, paring down the visual noise to amplify the essence of the human experience. This reductionist approach forces viewers to engage with their imagination, completing the narrative within their minds, and fostering a unique interaction between art and observer.


A seasoned commercial real estate developer by trade, Drew’s artistic venture began as a form of self-discovery.  Yet, his artistic instincts stand in direct contrast, as he rather employs bold strokes, elementary lines, vibrant colors and often the endearing stick figure to effectively deconstruct the intricacies of modern day to create whimsical and joyful compositions. His ability to convey complex emotions and narratives through uncomplicated forms is a testament to his artistic acumen.

Drew’s journey into the world of art is a testament to the enduring power of creativity and the importance of never losing touch with one’s inner child. Drew has four children, and lives with his wife, and guiding ‘North Star’ (Sherri), in Larkspur, California where he continues to find beauty in the simplest moments and to approach life with a sense of joy and wonder.


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Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Drawing

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Tiburon Town Hall

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Open late April to Mid May, 2024
May 4-5 & 11-12, 2024

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