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Pat Doherty

  • 500 Palm Drive , Studio 202, Novato CA, 94949

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People say my paintings make them smile, and I’m delighted they have that effect. My style is inspired by my previous work in the graphic design industry. Much of my work takes food as the subject matter for contemporary paintings. I am drawn to simple objects, most notably desserts, and like to establish good color relationships between light and shadow.





After graduating from Gonzaga University, my career path included art director of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, art director of San Francisco magazine, and senior art director at a private design firm. I have since transitioned from the commercial arena into the fine arts, particularly over the course of my five-year studies with noted California colorist Camille Przewodek.

Gallery Representation:

Edgewood Orchard Gallery, Fish Creek, WI

Meghan Candler Gallery, Vero Beach FL

Nancy Dodds Gallery, Carmel CA

UGallery, San Francisco CA

Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint

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(415) 924-8565

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