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Cindy Pavlinac

  • 1337 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901, USA
  • Pavlinac Photo Arts Studio #37

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Art Works Downtown

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Pavlinac Photo Arts Studio #37

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Photography is all about light. Without light, there is only darkness.
My art is contemplative photography, combining camera craft with a musician’s timing to snatch slivers of ever-flowing light, color, movement.
Subtle worlds reveal gifts to those who slow, look with heightened awareness, see with gentle presence. We can slip into a pure world of wondrous nature, timeless patterns, magical seeing, and return with images of quiet power, calm peace, true hope. As a photographer, I lure images out of wisps of time, seeking alignments back to source, revealing the convergence of inner and outer landscapes, spinning complex tales of pilgrimage, ancient and modern, imaginative and real, questing towards expressions of the extraordinary.
We are called to the journey and by wandering, we find our way home.


Cindy Pavlinac is an artist, writer, musician and labyrinth walker with backgrounds in art, archeology, astrophysics, and Consciousness Studies. She has a MA in Arts & Consciousness Studies, a MFA in Creative Writing and Narrative Medicine, and is a founding studio artist at Arts Works Downtown in San Rafael, CA.
Cindy journeys between worlds focusing on the power of place, exploring sites of indigenous wisdom and deep community to intuitively communicate the beauty, mystery, and transformation of intentional journey. Her photo essays and multimedia productions focus on ancient places of power, and images from her Labyrinths of Spirit and Grace photo library have been widely published in dozens of magazines, CDs and book covers including Time Magazine and as Principal photographer in the books, Labyrinths and Sanctuaries of the Goddess.
An exhibiting artist with hundreds of shows and awards, she has presented at events from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco to Oxford University in England. She is a certified Labyrinth Facilitator and Integrated Learning Specialist and adjunct Assistant Professor in Visual Studies at Dominican University.

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Digital Art, Photography, Glass

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Dozens of magazine articles and photo essays including Faith and Form, Labyrinth Journal, Shift, Spirituality and Health, RoadMAPP, Crescent, Chrysalis Reader, Marin Magazine, Shaman’s Drum, Artists Dialogue, Woman of Power.
Conference Presentations include the San Francisco Writers Conference, Writing for Change Conference, Writers Way Conference, California Writers Club, Book Passage, School of the Sacred Feminine, Sacred Space Foundation UK, Sacred Journeys Oxford UK.


Dozens of photography art awards including Tripbase Travel Blog Awards, Dominican University Adjunct Merit Awards, iOS DevCamp Awards.



MFA in Creative Writing & Narrative Medicine
MA in Arts & Consciousness Studies
BA Art and Photography
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Visual Studies, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA; Digital Portfolio Fellow, Big History, Service Learning, Effective Communication
Integrated Learning Specialist Certification, Marin County Office of Education, San Rafael, CA
Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and Pro Bono Photographer, Veriditas, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

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