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Cindy Kamm

  • 480 Gate 5 Rd, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA
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My canvases are a window into real and imagined places that I create through the use of color, composition, texture and design. Much of my work was based years of teaching ecology and my passion for landscapes and our natural world. In painting, I attempt to capture the essence, and atmosphere of places and moments in time when we experience a sense of awe. Most of my work is done with oil paints, however, experimenting with many different types of medium and incorporating material into my artwork keeps the process alive, joyful and  challenge.


I have always been a keen observer of our natural world. This fascination led me into a life of teaching sciences: biology,  ecology, and conservation to children and adults through various educational institutions. I moved from the deep woods of Ohio, to the deserts of Arizona, to the alpine meadows of Colorado and the Sierras and eventually landed in beautiful Marin county, in Northern California where I have lived for the past 40 years. I have studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute, UC Berkeley,  Colorado College, The Cleveland Art Institute, and College of Marin. My primary teacher and major influences has been 10+ years of instruction under Chester Arnold a contemporary  landscape artist based in Sonoma, California.   I have award winning paintings in private and corporate collections and have participated in many juried shows and in galleries and museums.

Art Medium(s)

Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor, Pastel, Drawing, Digital Art, Photography, Prints and Printmaking, Mixed Media, Ceramics, Sculpture, Fiber, Jewelry

Group Studio Details

I have exhibited art n many national locations with many organizations and public and private galleries . Locally these organizations include the Marin County Fair, College of Marin Museum, the Marin Association of Art at the Arts and Garden Center, O’Hanlin Center for the Arts, the Marin Open Studios, The ICB Artists Association, the U S Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model, and various Sausalito and Mill Valley Artists events.

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ICB Art building

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contact me for appointments in addition to open houses for MOS open studios and winter open studios the first weekend of December

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415 602 9915

Exhibitions & Press

Group Exhibitions

Sausalito Center for the Arts Grand Opening Fall of 2022, 2023

The Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model December of 2022, 2023

Falkirk Cultural Center spring Exhibit 2022,

Marin county Fair oil painting; drawing; watercolor; multimedia;.: 2012, 2013, 2015; 2017; 2019; plien aire contests 2015

Marin Society of Artists 2019 Awardee:  Audience Pick Best in Show

Marin Society of Artists “Fresh Art” Junior Chester Arnold 2018

O’ Hanlon Art Center  several  shows fro 2012-2020, 2023 dualities show

Falkirk Cultural Center Fall art Exhibitor 2016

Ranches and Rangeland Show;  Snowmass, Colorado 2020

ICB gallery 2023


American Artwork curated works of art  2022 -2023


Best inShow and Artworks of Special Merit;  Colorado College art galleries for works of photography

Honorable Mention; the Marin County Fair

Audience choice for Best in Show ; Marin Society of artists 2019



I have been making images all my life through a wide variety of techniques and mediums. For the last 18 years I have focused on drawing and oil painting under the contemporary realist painter Chester Arnold. I have taken multiple art classes from many institutions including the San Francisco Art Institute, UC Berkley, The San Francisco Academy of Sciences, College of Marin, O’Hanlin Art Center and through the ICB Art community. In addition I have studied on line classes with artists most recently with Nicholas Wilton and Art2Life community.

(Other educational institutions include Cleveland Art institute, Hathaway Brown School, Saguaro H.S, University of Pacific, Colorado College, University of Arizona, Colorado Springs Art Museum)



Marin county Fair oil painting; drawing; watercolor; multimedia;.: 2012, 2013, 2015; 2017; 2019; plien aire contests 2015

Marin Society of Artists 2019 Awardee:  Audience Pick Best in Show

The Sausalito Center for the Arts fall 2022; spring 2023

The Army corps of Engineers Bay Model Gallery; 2020; 2021; 2022

O’ Hanlon Art Center  several shows fro 2012-2019

Falkirk cultural Center several times 2010-2022

Ranches and Rangeland pop up show  Snowmass, Colorado 2020

College of Marin gallery 2012-2020

Marin Society of Artists 2021-2022

Marin Art and Garden Center, Artists Guild 2016-2017

The Marshall Gallery 2019

Colorado College Art Gallery 1979-1980




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